Wednesday, December 06, 2006

自行車與我 ∕ Bicycle and Me

I mentioned in my previous article "Dream Maker" how I longed to own my bicycle when I was little. However, my family wasn't rich at the time. So, I used to just borrow my friend's tricycle and peddled up and down the long corridor of the apartment building. Boy, did I ever have fun !! When I grew older, my father earned a little bit more and we said goodbye to the nasty landlady who owned the little partitioned cubicle that we used to call home. Much to my delight, there was a bicycle rental place near our new residence. So I would rent a bike after school and played "cutting each other off" in the nearby empty parking lot with my neighbourhood friends. I wasn't the best, but not the worst either in terms of my skills. As to the idea of owning a bicycle, my father's response was still a disappointing "no" every time. Of course, after I entered secondary school, other teenager interests took over and the idea was in the backburner for quite a while.


kjmck said...

Hey, how come I never heard that story? Not the evil landlady or the tricycle. Still surprized after all these years!

微豆 said...

I should tell you some day the fight between my Mom (who is less than 5 ft) against the evil landlady. When it came to protecting her cubs, the mother bear GROWLED !!! I still have a picture of me on tricycle - will show you :)

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