Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thoughts on Global Competitiveness (Part 2) / 世貿竸爭 (下篇)


世貿的第二個基本問題,就是怎樣定斷每一個經濟中心發展轉變的速度。常聽聞市民關注,覺得應被保留的建築物和歷史遺物,都被投資者毀壞鏟平,以發展為名, 起了醜陋的大厦和停車場。支持保謢文物的人,就說發展實在太快,社会不應該只是經濟掛帥。但在投資者來看,除舊立新,是理所当然,發展越快就越好,保証不会在世貿市場,被淘汰出局。




xiao said...

Changes always consist of uncertainty. That's why most people don't like or wouldn't initiate for changes. Mind you, there are also warriors in the society who would strive for human felicity by all means with no regrets. Every coin must have two sides to become one. Equilibrium is the natural norm that can't be violated.


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微豆 said...

Hi Xiaozhu: There are actually coins that have the same face for both sides !! Ha, I am pulling your leg on this one. Those are coins for cheaters.

I agree with you that people usually don't like changes. Now, as to equilibrium being a "natural" norm, here is a thought: To a person inside an elevator, everything seems to be in natural equilibrium. But for an observer outside, the whole elevator might be crashing down toward the ground (actually I am stealing this from Einstein's Relativity Theory). So perhaps, equilibrium may also be determined by circumstances and people. Just my two cents worth for consideration :)

xiao said...

Exactly! Every situation itself can realise equilibrium. The determined factors are the person and where the person stands. The observor outside the elevator may consider the person inside is not aware of his own position. Similarly, the one outside the elevator might also be unaware that there is another observer standing outside his territory.

xiao zhu

微豆 said...

Xiao Zhu: I now understand better what you meant. Relativism is something that religious and political philosophers have been debating since the beginning of civilization. The scientists' box-within-a-box theory is relatively (no pun intended) simple. But all that will be a topic for discussion another day. Thanks again for sharing; I quite enjoy this dialogue !!

xiao zhu said...

Me too!


微豆 said...

Xiao Zhu: Ditto, we all learn something new everyday 學無止境!!

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