Monday, December 04, 2006

『幸福的六年』 / My Son Autumn Snow 秋雪 - A Life of Six Years

I heard of the song and story about "Autumn Snow" the first time when I was visiting Christie's blog site. I am not keen on supporting commercial advertisements but do find this particular song special and meaningful and the words not commercialized or tasteless. I am therefore taking the liberty of providing the readers with the following information for consideration, with the hope that the broadcast song will help us better appreciate and understand the short but treasured six-year life of "Autumn Snow". My concluding thoughts: Life and time are precious and must not be wasted.

Here is the website where you can find the advertisement song of the Life Insurance Company 明治安田 in Japan:

If you are searching for the words of the song and other related information about the "Treasured Six Years", please visit Christie's blog site:

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