A woman who became known internationally as the Internet Black Widow is back in custody as police investigate the attempted murder of her current husband.
Melissa Weeks, who was also known as Melissa Friedrich and Melissa Stewart, was once convicted of a number of crimes involving older men, including manslaughter in the death of a husband. Police say the 77-year-old woman’s past is one of the reasons she has been arrested again. 

Police in Cape Breton say the arrest comes after a 75-year-old New Glasgow man was admitted to the North Sydney General Hospital on the weekend. The Cape Breton Regional Police were called to the hospital Sunday morning, as health officials were suspicious about the nature of the man’s illness. They say they became concerned after contacting the man’s son in New Glasgow.
“It was learned that his wife of two weeks, a 77-year-old lady who is known to police, had given a story that didn’t seem to add up to the injuries that the 75-year-old male was suffering,” says Cape Breton Regional Police Staff Sgt. Mike Kennedy. Police say further investigation led them to discover the man’s wife had previous convictions of forgery and manslaughter.
The woman, formerly known as Melissa Sheppard, was once described as the Internet Black Widow after a number of incidents in Nova Scotia and Florida. In 2005, when she was known as Melissa Friedrich, the woman was sentenced to five years in a Florida prison for grand theft and forgery of a senior. She also served time for manslaughter in the death of her husband, Gordon Stewart, in Nova Scotia in 1992.
A warrant was issued for her arrest Monday morning and police picked her up at a senior’s complex outside New Glasgow around noon. People who live at the complex say the woman moved in shortly after it first opened about a year ago and that she quickly became friends with a man who lived three doors down.
“They were back and forth quite a bit. It was quite a short relationship, it just marched right along,” says resident Pauline Chapman. “I was away when they supposedly got married.” “She never caused any trouble around here that I’m aware of, but everybody here knew,” says neighbour Floyd Green. “They knew who it was and what was going on, you know.”
Police brought Weeks to the Cape Breton Regional Police headquarters in Sydney for questioning. They say she will be held in custody overnight and Kennedy says she will appear in court tomorrow to face charge of attempted murder. 
With files from CTV Atlantic's Dan MacIntosh