Saturday, March 23, 2013

十年樹木,百年樹人 / Our Spring Visit to the Sugar Bush - Fulton's Pancake House

Back when my father was still alive, three generations of our family would visit Fulton's Pancake House, Pakenham, Ontario in the early spring when the maple tree sap was running. Today, only K and I were there.

But the place was just like many years ago. There were the young families with their babies and toddlers in tow, the grandparents who were happy to fuss over the little ones, and young lovers who dreamed of a possible future together.

十年樹木,百年樹人 .... It takes time but the disappearing older generations are being replenished by new ones.

Photo Credit:
* Top: Facebook cover photo of Fulton's Pancake House.
* Bottom: I took this photo of an old maple tree while walking in the maple tree forest earlier today.

Reference: 【十年樹木,百年樹人】出處


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

越野滑雪 / Cross-country Skiing in Gatineau Park


Photo credit: I took this picture of the Keogan Cabin in the Gatineau Park, Province of Quebec.

冬天小休 / Winter Interlude

For various reasons and circumstances, I haven't been blogging lately. However, I plan to pick up speed again using my handheld device.


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