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Inbox Blue (Updated Mar 31, 2009)

Updated Mar 31, 2009: I have provided responses to your comments left in the following blog articles. Thanks !!!

1. 大地回春!!! / Spring is Here !!!
* Gwen and Ian

2. 「兩週一聚 / Bi-weekly Series」: 【傳統与傳統智慧 / Convention &... (Part 2)
* Michelle, 加燦

3. 「兩周一聚博格」成功開幕 / Grand Opening of the "Bi-weekly Wri...
* gwenzilla, 周游, Michelle

4. 「兩週一聚 / Bi-weekly Series」: 【傳統与傳統智慧 / Convention &... (Part 1)
* 木棉_簡單快樂, Mingmanfred, Hevangel, gwenzilla, 新鮮人, 加燦

5. 週日名采: 【小王子与老郭】/ Weekend Brunch: "Little Prince and...
* Inner space, 孜媽

6. 愛情的分叉路 / What could have been .... ?":
* 啤酒花


Gotta go to bed, will look at all the recent comments you've left in my inbox tomorrow!!

大地回春!!! / Spring is Here !!!

It has been drizzling all weekend. The above-freezing temperature and the rain will wipe out the snow, which means no more skiing for me :(

But then, spring has finally arrived. Time to put on the wet-suit for an early swim in the lake :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

「兩週一聚 / Bi-weekly Series」: 【傳統与傳統智慧 / Convention & Conventional Wisdom】(下集 / Part 2 of 2)

(To read Part 1 / 上集: 【傳統与傳統智慧】, please click here)

According to Wikipedia: "... Conventional Wisdom CW is a term used to describe ideas or explanations that are generally accepted (and widely held) as true by the public or by experts in a field, (but) are unexamined and, hence, may be reevaluated upon further examination or as events unfold ..."

The untested and subjective nature of CW is also echoed by the on-line dictionary's translation of the following into Chinese:

* Conventionalism: 依從俗例; 因襲主義; 慣例; 習慣做法; 常規舊套; 相沿成習的事物丶陳言套語; 【數學】約定論。
* Conventionalist: 拘泥習俗丶遵守慣例的人。

Thus, a group of people can construct "reality" by calling their opinions, values or beliefs "conventional wisdom" and then proceed to treat them as such. In the more extreme case, the group may impose their "conventional wisdom" on non-believers or opponents through collusion (e.g. political or monetary instruments), convention (e.g. code of conducts), and/or control (e.g. laws/regulations, military force, revolution). Compared to "traditional wisdom", "conventional wisdom" is more transient, subjective, and unlike the former, has not withstood the test of time over several generations.

Please do not get the wrong impression that I am against "conventional wisdom" and "traditional wisdom". I would be the first one to admit that both have their intrinsic functional values, such as the provision of social cohesion and public guidance to some, if not all sectors of a society. As I mentioned in Part 1, the issue is not so much about whether it is "real" wisdom or not, but rather, whether the knowledge or opinions should be applied in whole, in part, or at all.

* "Conventional Wisdom" Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conventional_wisdom
* 「兩週一聚 / Bi-weekly Series」: 【傳統与傳統智慧 / Convention & Conventional Wisdom】(上集 / Part 1) http://lotusandcedar.blogspot.com/2009/03/bi-weekly-series-convention.html

Sunday, March 29, 2009

「兩周一聚博格」成功開幕 / Grand Opening of the "Bi-weekly Writers Blog"

Grand Opening of the "Bi-weekly Writers Blog"

LOTUSANDCEDAR, Canada, March 29, 2009 - I am pleased to express my hearty support to the grand opening of the "Bi-weekly Writers Blog" that provides a gathering place for interested bloggers around the world to read articles and exchange comments. Thus far, the bi-weekly series has included the output of over 49 writers based on 11 themes.

1. 第一期: 我有一部時光機 / My Time Machine
2. 第二期: 愛 / Love
3. 第三期: 朋友 / Friend(s)
4. 第四期: 禮物 / Gift
5. 第五期: 午夜前的十分鐘 / Ten Minutes Before Midnight
6. 第六期: 色彩 / Colour
7. 第七期: 旅遊 / Travel
8. 第八期: 小朋友 / Children
9. 第九期: 春 / Spring
10. 第十期: 我博十六點 / Sixteen Things About My Blog
11. 第十一期: 傳統与傳統智慧 / Convention & Conventional Wisdom

"On ne voit bien qu'avec le cœur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux - You can see clearly only with your heart. What is truly important is invisible to the eyes," said founder Michelle, quoting a famous line from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's 1943 novel Le Petit Prince. " The invisible and tireless efforts of周游, Readandeat, Gwen, and other contributing bloggers from around the world have brought this blog to fruition. Ever since our inauguration get-together on Oct 30, 2008, our heartstrings have pulled us closer together to make the Bi-weekly Writers Series flower, bloom, and bear fruit."

"I had received this desperate email from Michelle about a week ago and before I knew it, I was deeply involved in editing articles for the blog," reflected Readandeat. "Even though I have never met Michelle and 周游 in person, we share the same belief that C9 (Chinese woman) bloggers of the five-lakes-and-four-seas will never shy away from putting ideas into actions."

"We have created a 'life-form' that revolves once every two weeks," remarked 周游. "We are nurturing this blog with our words and energy so that many memorable years from now, it will continue to shine like a beacon of peace upon all our smiling faces."

"This blog is a virtual internet café where strangers from far-and-apart can get together, share their thoughts, and cultivate their friendship through writing," added Gwen. "You are welcome to drop by, rest to your heart's desire, enjoy reading the articles, and if the spirit moves you, leave your thoughts. Why not!"

As one of the contributing writers, I strongly encourage you to share this exciting news with your friends and visit the Bi-weekly Writers Blog website at:


For further information, please contact the blog administrators (Michelle, Readandeat, 周游, and/or Gwen) at:

2weeks1gather (at) gmail.com

Prepared by: Haricot
(Quoted English text are translated from blog info in Chinese)


March 25, 2009


(Source: 「兩周一聚」博格http://2weeks1gather.wordpress.com/about/)

「兩周一聚」網上約會的構思自零八年十月搞的一次網上「秋天派對」後成立,定期約會的意念則來自法博格 “Rédac’ du Mois” 。


第一期 Mugen C 出題的「我有一部時光機」至第十期周游出的「我博十六點」之間,先後共有四十九位博友參與,約會越搞越大越來越熱鬧,周游提議替「兩周一聚」開博,不少博客贊同,「兩周一聚」博格就此成立。

(Source: 師奶筆記 http://petiteinote.blogspot.com/2009/03/blog-post_25.html)

感謝周游立博的熱誠,若欠她的推動,這博格可能還在拖拉的階段。感謝軍師奶在幾天內把第一至第九期眾博友百多篇文章摘錄好,沒有她的幫忙,可能不會出現舊文的摘錄,又或者,我的熊貓眼可能比雞蛋還要大 ;P 。 感謝大家熱情的支持,沒有你們的參與,「兩周一聚」不會這麼熱鬧。


往後的「兩周一聚」,請如常到'出題者'的博格處報名及"交功課"! 由於我們決定只會在新博格「摘錄」大家的文章,留言處保持開放,但請大家在"交功課"的時候把 (1) 你的文章連結,以及 (2) 一段約一百字的文章摘錄,一拼交到出題者處,以便工作小組把有關的摘錄放在「兩周一聚」網誌,當然,作者也可選擇讓編者摘錄你的文章。

為了讓讀者對大家有初步的認識,我們又在博格設立了「作者你們」一欄,列出大家的博格連結及簡介。故此,新知舊友,請以一百字內寫出你的自我簡介並郵寄到「兩周一聚」聯絡電郵 2weeks1gather (at) gmail.com。

另外,新設每期出題者也可以自選一張照片,作為聯博的橫額'封面'大相,尺寸 920x180 pixels,如照片非你所擁有,敬請註明出處!!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

「兩週一聚 / Bi-weekly Series」: 【傳統与傳統智慧 / Convention & Conventional Wisdom】(上集 / Part 1)


根據【維基百科】: 『... 傳統是指歷史沿傳而來的思想、道德、風俗、藝術、制度、習慣等等。傳統的英文「Tradition」一詞源自拉丁語「Traditio」,即「傳承」之意。... 』

但過往「傳統」是不是今日的「智慧」,那分別和重要性就是見仁見智了。例如: 中國尊師重道的儒家思想丶男女授受不親的道德覌念丶嫁鳮隨鳮的婚姻風俗丶被聯合國列為「人類口述和非物質遺產代表作」的崑曲(還記得牡丹亭之遊園、驚夢嗎?)丶歷代的官僚庶民社会制度丶和我們「民以食為先」的飲食烹飪習慣等等。



... 下續 / to be continued

(Updated Mar 30, 2009: For Part 2, please click / 請看下集: http://lotusandcedar.blogspot.com/2009/03/bi-weekly-series-convention_30.html)

Reference: 【傳統】 http://zh.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=%E4%BC%A0%E7%BB%9F&variant=zh-hant

Saturday, March 21, 2009

週日名采: 【小王子与老郭】/ Weekend Brunch: "Little Prince and Master Kwok"




『... 胡XX,你年紀不少,应当明白你父母在美國捱生捱死,滙寄美金回港給你讀書,撕開每一塊錢都是有血有汗滴出來的,你現在的所作所為,又怎能对得起你父母?又怎能对得起你自己?如果你不懸崖勒馬,痛改前非,我相信你不但会傷了你父母之心,更会傷害了你自己一生的前途,胡XX,你想清楚罷!!』


而老郭他還是繼續在無花果學校任教,正是: 學而不厭,誨人不倦,桃李滿門,是教育界的中流砥柱。郭老師在1985年榮獲香港十大傑出長者的名銜,他在1997年逝世,享年74歲,留下自作輓聯如下:


(筆者後語: 「小王子」是屬口傳野史一類,但郭全本老師卻是真人丶真事丶真英雄。)

"郭全本" 维基百科http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E9%83%AD%E5%85%A8%E6%9C%AC


Participants (as of Mar 23 2009):

* Alex
* Michelle (this week's host)
* 周遊
* Wordy - 小王子隨想
http://wordyhylau.blogspot.com/2009/03/35.htmlhttp://wordyhylau.blogspot.com/2009/03/35.html * Vince小王子 http://memoriesblossom.blogspot.com/2009/03/blog-post_19.html
* Haricot【小王子与老郭】
* JessiCa
* 洛言

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Take Five ... Yupeeee !!! (Updated Mar 18, Mar 24)

(Updated 2009-03-18) Here are the links to my responses to your comments, with thanks !!!

1. "Take Five ... Yupeeee !!!": exile from hk, Gwenzilla, Xiao Zhu

2. "「兩週一聚: 我博十六點」之【摘錄五項】 / 「Bi-weekly Series: 16 Thing...": CM, Michelle, Xiao Zhu

3. "「週日名采: 假如有投胎」之【靈光】 / 「Weekend Brunch: Reincarnatio...": Readandeat, 周游, Xiao Zhu, 新鮮人, exile from hk, the inner space, Michelle

4. "伯納德·麥道夫承認投資騙局罪行和对各界表示「遺憾」 / Madoff pleads guilty t...": 孜媽, 新鮮人


Before I head out to the ski hill, there are two quick comments:

1. I will formulate my responses to your comments when I am surfing on the snow ... (Yupeeeee !!!)

2. Here are the participants of the Bi-weekly Series 兩周一聚(十): 我博十六點:

Founder: michelle,

This week's host: 周游列國

Participants as of today: (Updated Mar 24, 2009)

readandeat, sherry, C+, aulina, hevangle, nankin, lomichee, longqt, yaya, gwenzilla, kempton, silver, Simon Lai, mad dog, zero, audreyma, milkcandy, lcl, cr, Coffee, Uncle Ray, Pema , lifeflavours, Mugen C, IMAK, Haricot, , 笨豬, 揚眉, 洛言 , 花想 , 老麥

Monday, March 16, 2009

「兩週一聚: 我博十六點」之【摘錄五項】 / 「Bi-weekly Series: 16 Things abt My Blog」【Top Five】

1. 羅馬興邦: I decided to build my blog in Rome, when my heart refused to come home. I wrote ...

On the Seven Hills I walk with you my heart trembling.
In silence we stroll as the Fivme Tevere goes meandering.
Through the ruins of popes and conquerors, of isola, contrada and monte;
eternal is built on the foundation of many a rich conte;
on top of the layers below, yet to be discovered:
Will there be a fountain of youth,
that the Roman used;
where Paolina turned into Victorious Venus?
Or a conduit to life eternal,
underneath the Colosseo;
where the gladiators lie?
I want to be with you my love - per questo,
Till life eternal - in sempiterno

2. 瞻前顧後: Once I started blogging, my mind began wandering. Memories of my youth haunted me, time rushed like a river out to sea. My fear ...

Will I come face-to-face with the past?
Am I afraid to meet my abandoned twin of yesteryears?
I ponder, and then some thoughts .....
Over the years, has my mind not learnt to protect its master?
In the morning, do I not avoid the unseeing eyes behind the venetian mask?
During dark moments, do I not look for enlightment to distract myself from despair?
And yet ... exhaling my last breath, why am I so afraid to meet myself in the last play of life???

3. 情之一物: 覓千里浮雲白雪,半回顧, 塵在風吹。投一石輕波蕩漾,看倒影, 笑曰往年。我猶豫若失,想到 ...


在一個很出乎意外的情形之下,看到了我初戀人的相片。当時我是忙著翻閱研究工作資料,相片突然在我眼前出現,我心理沒有凖備,就好像有一塊石頭,被投入一個安靜的湖中,感情波動,那一圈一圈的漣漪,就從我心裏擴散,把我的過去和現在聯繫在一起,而石塊直沈湖底,就激發起聚積了多年的回憶。... 成熟的果實,是用失去的童真付回來的。

4. 童年回憶: 我們每人都有一份童真,但在成長中,童真就被忘記遺下了。依稀記得那 ...







5. 妙語連珠: 在那「悠長的歲月」,与網友Xiao Zhu萍水相逢,感悟悟感,我舞文弄墨,狗尾續貂 ...

5.1 迴文詩 / Palindrome Writing

俠女懷寬心, 笑言無恨怨,前簷滴寒露, 過雨助花紅。黃蓮知心苦, 苦情訢知心,鎖眉愁滴淚, 泣低感悟澄。

心寬懷女俠, 怨恨無言笑,露寒滴簷前, 紅花助雨過。心知訢情苦, 苦心知蓮黃,淚滴愁眉鎖, 澄悟感低泣。

(以下是Xiao Zhu的原稿和評語: 請往此閱讀: https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=34102111&postID=1632108531539201747 )
5.2 【一江醉 / 一夜春 】

人遠去 , 我獨留
未忘情 , 不了愁
秋風紅了葉 , 春露珠胎結
江海自飄零 , 兩岸共綢繆
任憑半杯 , 盼望圓月
醉澆一襟愁 , 瀉銀千里會
卻道思憶成流 , 但願蟬蜎長久

(Xiao Zhu 原稿:"一江醉(回 Shek)" )


Friday, March 13, 2009

「週日名采: 假如有投胎」之【靈光】 / 「Weekend Brunch: Reincarnation」"I see the light!"

「投胎」是環保運動流行之前一個頗先進的民俗覌念,試想想,如果人死不能復生,天堂地獄額滿拒收新客,天使厲鬼無容「身」之所,被迫返回人間境界,弄至社会動乱,蛇鼠一窩,滿天神佛,那只会令人丶鬼丶神三族都不好過。所以「投胎」是環保運動3R (Recycle, Reuse, Ridiculous) 的始祖先例,是穩定人類社会的基石。


Q1: 有問:『如果有胎投,去边处報名?』
A1: 人間世俗有云:『執輸行頭,慘過敗家!』所以見到有人排隊,就一定要趕着去排,然後才問前後阿叔阿嬸:『請問你地係咪去投胎呀?』如果阿叔阿嬸唔声唔啋,那就是默認您的估計正确,您就快些用櫈仔霸住個位,不要被人「打尖」呀!但如果阿叔阿嬸舉手喊打,問候令尊及歷代祖宗,或大罵:『你個XX鏟!!』,您就自然知道是排錯隊了。不要氣餒,黃天不負有心人,再接再勵,遲早一定会有個壞脾氣的阿叔阿嬸幫手成全您的願望。

Q2: 『申請表格上,資歷一欄,怎樣填寫?』
A2: 根據投胎註册处提供消息,申請者需符合当局各種規矩,如條例指明:『善有善報、惡有惡報,若然不報,時辰未到』,如果閣下未有足夠積分,就一定要在凡間繼續努力,多行善事,或廣種惡果。發言人強調「老人優待」政策,是有關当局特別體恤上了年紀的社会棟樑,例如被判有罪的前財界強人和領航者麥道夫Madoff,他的檔案現是被優先处理,專員会從速决定他未來投胎的過程和目的地 (陰公所欢迎市民提供意見,請电666-rot-in-hell)。

Q3: 『什么是投胎「過程」和「目的地」?』
A3: 俗世有云: 『收買路錢打腳骨,唔俾錢,唔過得!』陰司路地暗人多,龍蛇混雜,其實「過程」和「目的地」是官僚式術語,意謂: 『有錢使得鬼推磨。』有鑑於凡間金融海潚衝擊未停,全球資產蒸發已達27萬億美元,陰公所当局有見及此,已立令放寬輔幣交換政策,例如:辛巴威共和國最高的面鈔將会和現在流通的陰司紙一元同值(zw$ 500,000,000,000,000可換 yin¥ 1)。

A4: 正如老豆教仔:『同樣價錢,買鞋就一定要選擇最大碼那对。』所以如果你選擇來世做婬蟲,就要註明是「大婬蟲」丶獨裁者就是「大獨裁者」丶癟三就是「大癟三」,如此類推。至於那些一世行善收福的善男信女,亦可嘗試選擇投胎做高官政客丶離婚律司丶戓次級房屋信貸投資集團CEO等反派角色,去享受儘上流高層社会的味兒,和酒醉燈迷的生活,也可說是不枉此行罷。但是,如果您不幸此世是在股市做了大閘蟹丶或做水魚被斬了一頸血,那么您來世投胎就註定是做牛丶做馬,永不超生,這點我也只能对閣下作「深表遺憾」的歉意。


Thursday, March 12, 2009

伯納德·麥道夫承認投資騙局罪行和对各界表示「遺憾」 / Madoff pleads guilty to fraud and says "sorry"

3月12日媒体報導伯納德·麥道夫承認投資騙局11項罪行,和对各界表示「遺憾」,他說 quote-unquote (ref 1):

* "I cannot adequately express how sorry I am for what I have done,"
* "I realized that my arrest and this day would inevitably come,"
* "I am painfully aware that I have deeply hurt many, many people,"
* Madoff said he was "grateful" for the opportunity to address the court and "deeply sorry and ashamed" of his actions.


* ... On January 30, 2009, a CBS News investigation discovered that the Madoffs were moving assets during the 2006 SEC investigation. ... Investigators are looking for others involved in the scheme, despite Madoff's assertion that he alone was responsible for the large-scale operation. ... Ruth Madoff has been named in two civil actions. ... She withdrew $10 million on December 10, 2008, and $5.5 million on November 25, 2008, from her brokerage account at Cohmad, a feeder fund which had an office in Madoff’s headquarters and was part-owned by him. .... (ref 2)

如我在3月7日寫的一文【遺憾何價?】說: 『... 口說遺憾是一件頗為容易做的事,但到了要衡量賠償代價的時候,一個人 ... 真正的成熟程度和價值覌就表露無遺了。』 如果上述報導真實,伯納德·麥道夫仍是想「保護」他妻子和其他/她嫌疑有關人仕,雖然他承認控罪,願意單人付一個「代價」,但「表示遺憾」的誠懇程度卻是令人懷疑。 諺語有此描述:「百足之蟲,死而不僵」。

(1) http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/reuters/090312/us/usreport_us_madoff)
(2) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernard_Madoff)



受害者及損失金額 (as per Wikipedia):

• Fairfield Greenwich集團 75億 美 元
• 萬通金融集團旗下的對沖基金Tremont 公司 33億美元
• 西班牙國際銀行(Santander) 28.7億美元
• 奧地利銀行(Bank Medici AG ) 21億美元
• Ascot Partners 18億美元
• 紐約投資公司「Access International Advisors」 14億美元
• 富通(Fortis Group) 13.5億美元
• 瑞士銀行 10億美元
HSBC 10億美元
• 瑞士BENBASSAT & CIE私人銀行 9.35億美元
• Primeo SelectFund 8.35億美元
• 法國外貿銀行(Natixis) 4.5億歐元(6.05億美元)
• 皇家蘇格蘭銀行 6億美元
• 紐約大都會隊老闆威爾彭(Fred Wilpon)
• 通用汽車金融服務公司(GMAC)董事長莫金(Ezra Merkin)
• 費城老鷹隊前老闆布拉曼(Norman Braman)
• 法國巴黎銀行 3億5000萬歐元
• Man Group 3.6億美元
• 野村控股
• Kingate全球基金
• 葉史瓦大學
• Maxam資本管理公司

(Wikipedia: http://zh.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=%E4%BC%AF%E7%BA%B3%E5%BE%B7%C2%B7%E9%BA%A6%E9%81%93%E5%A4%AB&variant=zh-hant)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

渥太華麗都運河冬景 / Winter Scene of Ottawa's Rideau Canal


以下图片Photo Below: 冬季運河通常都開30至60日左右,在乎天氣寒暖和結冰的厚硬度而定。在我映完相大約一星期之後,渥太華氣溫突升至零上8度,再加上連綿春雨泛濫,運河就被關閉了。
以下图片: 在運河向國会方向望,堡壘式建築物是市中心Chateau Laurier酒店
以下图片:  可在室內換上溜冰靴
以下图片:  冰雪彫刻
以下图片:  這是我特別為imak在Carleton University 附近拍攝的一張照片 !!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

「週日名采」:【遺憾何價?】 / 「Sunday Brunch Series」:【Regret at what price?】/


試想想,如果某國教育部对二次大戰「南京大屠殺」一事表示「遺憾」,但又不願意修改學校歷史教科書的內容,那么這個「反省」是不是一個有形無實的「遺憾」呢? 但或許從某國方面來看(我是靠估),成者為王,敗者為寇,表示「遺憾」是承認上一代軍國主义錯誤,但國恥又应不应該由這一代戰後出生的年青人付呢? 而那「南京事件」代價又会是什么呢?



後語: 「南京屠殺」只是例子,在人類歷史中,曾經「表示遺憾」的國家亦不止一個。


同題作者 List of this week's participants:

* Wordy (本周出題者):
* Vince:
* Haricot:遺憾何價
* Alex:
* 周游:
* Michelle:
* 師奶愛美麗: http://c9aimeili.wordpress.com/2009/03/08/no-regret/

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

回覆網誌回應 / Responses to Comments


(1) 從雷根的「供給面經濟學」至捲土重來的「凱恩斯主義經濟學」 / From Reagan's Supply-side Economics to the Keynesian Resurgence

Inner Space
Exile from HK

(2)「週日名采」:【驀然回首】 / 「Sunday Brunch Series」:【Looking Back】http://lotusandcedar.blogspot.com/2009/03/sunday-brunch-serieslooking-back.html

Exile from HK
Best Actor
Gwen and Ian

(3)「兩週一聚: 春」之【季節】 / 「Bi-weekly Series: Spring」:【The Opening Season】http://lotusandcedar.blogspot.com/2009/03/bi-weekly-series-springthe-opening.html

Inner Space

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

快樂的蚌兒 - 在麗都運河溜冰 / Happy as a Clam - Skating on the Rideau Canal

Photo Credit: "Rideau Canal" Wikipedia

I went skating on the frozen Rideau canal on Mar 2, 2009 and broke my own Personal Best (PB) record. With a temperature hovering around minus 13 deg C and a constant north-westerly wind gusting up to 20 km, I was able to do the 15.6 km Dow's Lake/downtown (at the canal locks near Parliament Hill) round trip in 56 minutes. The speed of approx 3.5 minutes per kilometre is no big deal for top athletes, but for an amateur like myself, I am happy as a clam.

* The complete phrase is "Happy as a clam in mud at high tide", which means a clam that cannot be dug up and eaten is happy. Source: http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/happy+as+a+clam. One could also say: "Happy as a lark", but I like the idea of a clam skating better.

Other articles with photos:
* 加拿大冬天景色: 渥太華的麗都運河(2009年1月) / Canadian Winter Scene: Ottawa's Rideau Canal (Jan 2009) http://lotusandcedar.blogspot.com/2009/01/20091-canadian-winter-scene-ottawas.html
* 七大奇景之一: 麗都運河 (2008年2月冬天景色) / Seven Wonders of the World: The Rideau Canal (Winterlude February 2008)
* 七大奇景之一: 麗都運河 / New Seven Wonders of the World: The Rideau Canal

Monday, March 02, 2009

Back in Five (Update: Plis see my Mar 4 blog)

Dear visitors: I have been reading your comments and will respond to each and every one of them. I promise: soonest (i.e. sooner than soon). And, while you wait, why don't you take advantage of our large selections of blog articles by clicking on one of those little icons on the side-bar. What do you say, eh?

This is a recording.

「兩週一聚: 春」之【季節】 / 「Bi-weekly Series: Spring」:【The Opening Season】





春天也是有風丶有雨,和仍帶寒意的季節,所以唐詩宋詞常有「春風」丶「春雨」丶「春寒」之語,例如: 唐代詩人韋應物用簡單的『春潮帶雨晚來急,野渡無人舟自橫』來形容幽靜的郊外景色,也借此隱喻表現了作者身無所主、有其才而不得其用的哀嘆。


*「二十四節氣」: 百度百科http://baike.baidu.com/view/6385.htm
* 韋應物: 百度百科http://zhidao.baidu.com/question/7146684.html

Sunday, March 01, 2009

「週日名采」:【驀然回首】 / 「Sunday Brunch Series」:【Looking Back】


她還記得她第一次懷孕的時候,老公是多麼細心地服侍自己,喧寒問暖,無微不至。有很多個冬天晚上,她倆在火爐前取暖,在燃燒的激情火焰中,憧憬著幸福的將來。在入院那天,她双腳水腫,寸步難移,在丈夫和接生婆扶持之下,好不容易進入了分娩房,但是過了期近二十日的孩子就仍是不肯出來,丈夫整晚倍着自己。 到了臨盤之時,她的痛楚由十隻手指尖戳進他的手臂裏,指甲劃出了血痕,但丈夫就是沒有發声埋怨, 分娩房內只充滿她抽動陣痛的叫声,哀求医生注射硬脊膜外止痛劑,唉! La Leche League的姊妺說自然分娩是对嬰兒這樣好那樣好,但到頭來,叫她自私母親罷,她還是不願意付出一個肉體痛苦的代價。

她和丈夫分房睡是第二個BB出世之後的事了,姊妹說得好,有兩個孩子要照顧,那有時間照顧那成年的的第三個?見到丈夫那一臉被冷落的表情,心裡實在不好過。她現在才明白,原來生命是可以分為BC和AC 兩部曲: Before children未有孩子前,兩口子甜甜蜜蜜,享受拍拖好時光。After children有了孩子後,自己私人時間不但減少了一大截,而与丈夫出外candle light and wine的情景亦只可以在回憶中尋找。擔負孩子日常必需,是佔了她生活任務的首位,在妻子和母親之間的角色,她是選擇了後者。她希望他能明白,為了孩子,她是願意拼了老命,犧牲一齊,包括他在內。她寧可做一個不盡責的賢妻,卻不願再做一個自私的母親。

孩子們長大離家後,情比金堅,她倆口子重渡第二次蜜月,老夫老妻週遊列國: 義大利丶秘魯丶美國丶摩洛哥丶古巴丶蘇格蘭等。年紀老了,氣力当然不及以前,但大家關心对方,愛情卻是昇華了。直到有一天,他在家下楼梯時跌倒,斷了盤骨,淤血充上了腦,几天後撒手離塵。那是一段困難的日子!

想到這裡,「大嫂」望出窗外,初春的曙光從那帳簾透射入來,把牆上丈夫的相照亮了,她望了他一眼,輕輕的說:『Happy Anniversary 呀,老公。』她的老公沒有回答,只对著她儍笑,或許在那未來的世界,他只是一個六歲的小孩子,痴痴地等待她的來臨。


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