Wednesday, September 20, 2006

威尼斯式面具 Venetian Mask: The Final Reckoning

Here are a few lines I sent to San Wen Ji 散文集: 現在﹐過去﹐歷史 back on June 8, 2006 sharing my thoughts on her topic "Present, Past, History":

Will I come face-to-face with the past?
Am I afraid to meet my abandoned twin of yesteryears?
I ponder, and then some thoughts .....

The Final Reckoning:
* Over the years, has my mind not learnt to protect its master?
* In the morning, do I not avoid the unseeing eyes behind the venetian mask?
* During dark moments, do I not look for enlightenment to distract myself from despair?
* And yet ... exhaling my last breath, why am I so afraid to meet myself in the last play of life???



Ruth Tam said...

Venice is the place we like most among all the places we travelled. Didn't buy a mask there because we still need to go to other places.

微豆 said...

Venice has its own unique beauty and character, for sure. It took me a lot of effort to ensure each mask arrived back home in one piece. They are quite fragile! I actually have more than the three shown.

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