Thursday, September 21, 2006

Flin Flon

One of my favourite past time on a weekend is to play with the globe in the living room and locate all the places I would like to visit. While I cannot remember when and why I started this habit (perhaps from watching too often with my parents their favorite movie, the Great Dictator), the act itself seems to always:
(a) satisfy my primal territorial instinct;
(b) evoke an illusion of being a world traveler;
(c) make me go to the mom-and-pop store and buy a lottery ticket.

All of these actually seem very unrealistic, other than the real hard-earned dollar I spent in exchange for a dream that last maybe half a day (longer if I buy the lottery on Wednesday and the draw is on Saturday).

So imagine how surprised I was when I surfed the web this morning and actually found a place that I had visited and lived there for almost three years !!

Here are some pictures of old Flin Flon (way before my time).

For more recent pictures and beautiful drawings of the people living up North, please go to:

Enjoy !!



Anonymous said...

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Haricot 微豆 said...

Anonymous was actually me !!

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