Thursday, September 21, 2006

適應環境 / Adjust and Adapt

剛從亞洲過來的華人,很多都有困難適應加拿大的新環境, 開門四件事,衣食住行,不在話下,但思想和言語,這都不是一朝一夕可以改變的.達爾文說:「適者生存,不適者淘汏」.先知先覺,要多下功夫了!

Many Asians who come to Canada really have a hard time adjusting to the new environment. Apart from what the Chinese call "The Four Essentials" (clothes, food, shelter, and transportation), the differences in languages and thinking processes are major challenges. There is no magic bullet that will solve the problem overnight. What one can do is to remember what Darwin once said: "Survival of the fittest." One needs to be aware of these challenges and work on it over time.



Ruth Tam said...

I was in Vancouver 1994 - 1998. I decided on the 2 week that I didn't need to like the place. I didn't even make an effort to the so call mainstream society. I just be myself and life is easier this way.

微豆 said...

I think the so-called "main stream society" is evolving all the time. To what extent one should adjust and/or adapt is a personal call. It also depends on the circumstances (e.g. the story I have been posting). Life is easy and uncomplicated when one is alone. Perhaps that's why the introvert part of me likes so many solo sports !!!

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