Saturday, September 23, 2006

「龍游淺水遭蝦戲」之一 / "A dragon floundering in shallow water is teased by the shrimps" Part 1


前数天接到一個朋友的求救電話,他來了加拿大約三年多,是做工程科技行業.在未移民之前,他有十多年的工作經驗,包括人事管理,財政等等,手下不少,也算是很高級的了.可是來加之後,發覺不單只外地學歷不被承認,而且大才小用,薪金和責任都比以前少,又常被西人上司批評,又恐其他人看他不起,背後作弄嘲笑,正是「想當年金戈鐵馬,氣吞萬里如虎」, 現今卻是「龍游淺水遭蝦戲」,大有屈屈不得志之嘆!他問我有什麼意見, 可以幇助他脱離這個處境.雖然我與他工作單位不同,實在不什知道他的情形,但大家都是這個多元文化社會的一份子,既然開心見誠向我訴苦,我也義務承擔了做教練的角色,希望帶給他一些輔導作用. (待續)



"A dragon floundering in shallow water is teased by the shrimps" Part 1

Earlier this week, I received an urgent call from a colleague asking for career advice. He immigrated into Canada about three years ago and is currently employed in the engineering / science and technology field. Prior to his arrival, he was a middle-manger with over ten years of supervisory and financial responsibility. According to him, his past credential is not recognized and he is under paid and under utilized by his company. His boss criticizes his work and his peers tease and laugh behind his back. It pains him to think about the good old days when, "..... holding the golden scepter of power and riding on my chariot of iron-clad authority, I was the tiger that could leap ten thousand miles with one single breath!!!" He recognizes that his career is floundering and asks me how he could extract himself out of the situation. While I am not familiar with his job portfolio, I can understand the kind of challenges he is facing as a new comer to our multicultural workplace. I appreciate his frankness and agree to be his volunteer coach, with the hope that we can share some ideas and make progress.

(to be continued)


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