Monday, September 18, 2006

The Art & Science of Blogging for Beginners

As someone new on the blog, I am still learning the art and science of blogging. For example: I just discovered that the "comments" switch had not been on since day one. No wonder there have been no comments from anyone out there. The other issue is the choice of topics. I don't like this to become a babbling soap-box type of forum. While I am not prepared to enter into a deep and profound discussion every time, I do want the dialogues to be meaningful. Any suggestions / advice out there?



San Wen Ji said...

leave u a comment and let u know the comment function is workable :)

微豆 said...

Hi San Wen Ji, that's great, it is working !! Now, the next step is to figure out how I can type in Chinese (traditional/HK). Any suggestions as to where's the place to download? Thanks for your help !!


San Wen Ji said...

i use NJStar

Eden said...

I used Microsoft's inbuilt language options. Just need to 'activate' it at Regional and Language Options. I choose Chinese (PRC) =D

微豆 said...

Hi Eden: That is actually what I am using now - the Microsoft tool. I am still not very good with using the mouse to write (more like chicken scratch). I have not used Chinese for ages and, as my parents used to say, have given the knowledge all back to my teachers :-(

Eden said...

haha, looking at all the chinese translation, u r not too bad afterall =)

btw, u a canadian or at canada study/work ?

微豆 said...

Hi Eden: It is a challenge and also lot of fun translating Chinese into English without losing the original meaning in the process !!

I live in Canada and have a job here. My mother tongue is Chinese but my day-to-day working languages are English and French.

See you 睇你啦 !! (as we say here in Canada ;) 有空請多來探訪指教.

微豆 / Haricot

Eden said...

i sure will =)

Gwen and Ian said...

wow... I have been struggling in translate the exact wordings from English to Chinese OR vise versa.

and yes, I sometimes not sure what should I put on the blog as well. I don't want to write too much as ppl might found it boring; however, I like to write.

微豆 Haricot said...

Gwen and Ian:

I wish I could have translated every blog article but alas I just don't have the time. So, I now do translation only for fun. For examples:

* English to Chinese ---> "自閉症作家唐娜、威廉姆斯的【此地無人】/ Donna Williams' "Nobody Nowhere - The Extraordinary Autobiography of an Autistic".

* Chinese to English ---->隱仕陶淵明: 【 歸園田居】/ Tao Yuan Ming, the Hermit Poet: "Return to the Countryside".

* Kid story----> "蠶兒和螞蟻的故事 (2007) / The Silkworm and the Ant Story (2007)".

If you like to write, then follow your heart and be truthful to yourself. See how your readers like your writing and make adjustments only if you have to. After all, you are writing for yourself too.

Ciao !!

The Inner Space said...

1.1.17 扁豆 haricot beans



Haricot 微豆 said...


Thank you for revisiting this old article and providing me with the links. As a result, I've added a photo here.

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