Saturday, March 03, 2007

羅馬永桓城 / La Roma Eternal City

(Photo Credit: Tiber River)

On the Seven Hills I walk with you my heart trembling.
In silence we stroll as the Fivme Tevere goes meandering.
Through the ruins of popes and conquerors, of isola, contrada and monte;
eternal is built on the foundation of many a rich conte;
on top of the layers below, yet to be discovered:
Will there be a fountain of youth,
that the Roman used;
where Paolina turned into Victorious Venus?
Or a conduit to life eternal,
underneath the Colosseo;
where the gladiators lie?
I want to be with you my love - per questo,
Till life eternal - in sempiterno

From a Secret Admirer


Anonymous said...



微豆 said...

Josefina: Si, grazia !!

暗黑的卡夫卡 said...

Do you have the song video? :)

Good luck in your marathon. I will start when I get back to Toronto...thanks for your advices!

微豆 said...

暗黑的卡夫卡: One of these days, I will have the song video ... don't know when tho

Thanks, I will need luck this time since I didn't have enough training. It usually takes 16-18 weeks plus or minus, assuming one has been runnng and has a good base.

I enjoy running so it's fun to talk abt it.

Ciao !!

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