Monday, March 05, 2007

意大利首都羅馬 / La Roma (Rome) Capital City of Italy


I arrived at Rome earlier today. As the taxi driver negotiated through the heavy downtown traffic, I couldn’t help but felt I was just a visitor from the floating world, one that was among the million of visitors before and after me. Often, people come to Rome the Eternal City to validate his/her own preconception, experience and feelings about this place. And the city plays up to and plays along with the visitors’ expectation of its rich history. Outside the Colosseo, there are people dressed in old Roman Soldier uniforms offering to have their pictures taken for a fee. While the transaction seems a bit superficial and commercialized, but hey, if that is what the tourists want, then who am I to say I am holier than thou (no pun intended for the Holy See either).


xiao zhu said...

So your holiday has started. You said the race would be held in end March. Wow, a long holiday!

I went to Rome once when I was still heavily involved in drama long long time ago. I felt great. There wasn't that much commercial activities outside the Colosseo then.

Wish you achieving your PB.:)

vicky said...

enjoy your trip!

微豆 said...

Xiao Zhu: 我也是和很多人一樣,对工作的壓力,和自己個人的生命,要作一個健康的平衡。如果我「做死」了,上司損失了一個員公,但又可以請第二個。有問鼎之心,想要我這職位的,大不乏人。

微豆 said...

Vicky: Thank You !! I must say when I looked at all those opera and musical events in Rome, I was thinking Vicky would probably want to retire here in Europe.

卡帕 said...

Nice shot!

微豆 said...

卡帕: I am glad you enjoy it :)

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