Monday, December 18, 2006

趙梅伯教授 / Professor Zhao Mei-bo

When I was young, I had the fortune of belonging to a mixed choir conducted by Professor Zhao Mei-bo. What I learnt during that short period of time was something that I find useful for the rest of my life. Even today, the image of this internationally renowned pioneer giving us his instructions, pointers and advice still live vividly in my memory. Of all the things he taught, including rhythms, breathing and basic singing techniques, what I found the most unforgettable was his teaching on the art of expressing emotions in our singing. As I mentioned in my exchange with some of you yesterday, human emotions come deep from the bottom of our hearts. They radiate from our inner core to the outside world. It does not matter what the objects of our passion are, be it musical instruments, songs, or literature, we must play, sing, or write with our inner emotions !!!

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