Saturday, December 02, 2006

Megan Williams / 美勤、威廉斯

Several months ago when I was in Italy attending a book-club function, I happened to meet Ms. Megan Williams, a Canadian journalist who now lives in Rome. Megan grew up in Toronto and graduated from McGill University in Montreal. She was awarded the prestigious Pulitzer Fellowship and furthered her journalism study at Columbia University in the United States. Megan (whose first name in Chinese is pronounced as beautiful美 and hard-working勤) is well known to the international media and her work has been published in many newspaper, including the South China Morning Post in Honk Kong and the Globe and Mail in Canada. You can also find recordings of her great work by several international broadcasting corporations in North America and Europe on the website. Her written articles and audio recordings also cover happenings in Africa, the Balkans, and Italy. She especially likes to write about Italian culture, politics, economics and everyday life stories. I enjoy tremendously her recent book "Saving Rome" in which there are nine short stories about ex-pat women living in Rome, each depicts a transient life in the Eternal City.

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