Friday, December 22, 2006

白色聖誕 / White Christmas


This year's weather is really strange, maybe it has something to do with Global Warming, We are four days away from Christmas and yet the temperature is still around zero degree and the thin snow on the ground has all disappeared. This morning, I even saw a few Canadian geese hanging around instead of flying south. In this northern country, the absence of snow during Christmas really hampers the festival spirit. Until the snow flies, customers will not rush out to do more shopping and children will not be able to build snow castles and snowmen. Normally by this time in December, I would have already started my skiing. But with such warm weather, my ski boots and skis will just have to wait till the temperature gets colder.


vicky said...

Merry Christmas!

Garfield said...

merry xmas to you! =)

微豆 said...

Vicky: I was reading the local newspaper and there was an article on "What music lovers want for Christmas". Here is to you and the music you love !!

微豆 said...

Garfield: Thanks for your visits and greetings, best wishes to you too !!!

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