Monday, December 25, 2006

母親與孩子 / Mother and Child

這幅塗鴉之作,或許有中西合璧的意思,左边是國会,右面是龍柱,母親的旗袍上有鳳凰,孩子穿的,是這裡常見的小童衫,十字架有點宗教意味,那烏鴉或許是代表死亡或疾病,人物和整體來說都是相合的。我從未有拜師,業餘图畫手筆,請不要見笑, 祝各位新年愉快 !!!!

This picture is just a doodling with a mix of east and west elements: On the left is the Parliament building, the right a column with a carved dragon. Embroiled on the mother's chi-pao is a phoenix. The child wears an outfit that is quite common in Canada for kids. The cross might have religious implication and the raven is perhaps a symbol of death and illness. In that sense, the people and objects are all complementary to each other. I have never taken any art lessons, so please excuse the amateurish look. Bonne Année !!!


xiao zhu said...



微豆 said...

xiao zhu: 如我說,只是興之所至的業餘手筆而矣。今年這個是綠色聖誕,一點雪都沒有,滑雪或許要等一会兒了。

xiao zhu said...



微豆 said...

xiao zhu: 多謝您的回应,也很高興大家有個共鳴,請多來指教和交換意見。Talk to you real soon :)

Eden said...

Wow, didn't know you paint!
Marvellous ! I got a painter friend ! hee

Gee, so many 吉祥物, 画风水画啊?! =P

I find it pretty balanced ... got newborn - life ... got raven - death ...

So long didn't blog nor read blogs le .... hv been so busy! Will be catching up ... so how have u been?

微豆 said...

Hi Eden: Glad to have you back :)
I know it's hard to find the time to do everything we want and one must find a balance. I have been doing okay, busy though. As they say: Trying to juggle the balls and keep them all in the air. Haha !! I enjoy painting/doodling) and am glad you like the balanced setting of my pic. See you around !!!

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