Friday, November 24, 2006

願望是自製自成的 / Dream Maker

我兒時家窮, 父親入息不多,母親是家庭主婦,我們住在一個「惡死」包租婆木板間隔的尾房,一家四口一張床,最記得一回家就是上床玩。我們家庭沒有餘錢,很多玩具都是我用剩餘物資,例如「荷蘭水」蓋、香煙盒、核桃殼等自製的。但是年幼的我卻很羡慕他人有自行車,於是常問父母親可不可以買一架給我,當然,答案每一次都是失望的。我不知道您們年輕時有沒有這種感覺和經驗,就是所有要達到的願望,都是要自製自成的,父母很多時都不能幇忙。

When I was very young, my father did not earn much and my mother was a full-time homemaker. Our family rented a partitioned cubicle that was owned by this obnoxious landlady. The four of us all slept in one make-shift bed which also became my playground during the day. Since we were not well off, I learnt to make a lot of my own toys out of pop-bottle caps, used cigarette cartons, walnut shells, and whatever spared materials that I could find. However, the one toy I really wanted at that time was a tricycle. Many times I asked my parents if they could buy me one, and every time the answer was a disappointing 'No!' I don't know whether you had similar feeling and experience in childhood, but for me, I came to the realization at an early age that I would be my own dream maker, as my parents were often not in a position to help.


Eden said...

"The four of us" ... u hv a sibling .. r u the eldest bro ? =)

I can't remember much of my childhood, except thru' the pics my parents had taken. Somehow, i recall playing pop-bottle caps & erasers with my schoolmates. The winner also got to keep the caps/ bottle.

Being your own dream maker is good, u'll be independent and know what u want and make it come true!

微豆 said...

Hi Eden: Yes, I am the eldest.

Haha !! So you played with pop-bottle caps too !! With erasers, I always tried to carve something out of it and of course it ended up breaking apart into many pieces, which I used to throw at my classmates behind the teacher's back.

We all are dream makers in our own way :)

Eden said...

So! u r one of the litter-bug in class! haha!

微豆 said...

Eden: Yeah, it was fun to be mischievous in class, but not so for the teachers !!

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