Thursday, November 09, 2006

百年樹人 / Hundred Years old Tree "People"

鄰居後花園,有兩棵五至六層樓高的大樹,過往夏天,很多雀鳥都在此起巢為家,松鼠也有数隻住在樹洞內.但在今年秋天的一場大風兩中,其中一棵被吹斷了一大半,可幸那数百公斤重的樹身沒有倒在居屋那方向,但卻壓壊了鄰居後園很多東西.後來樹醫生 tree doctor 來看,診斷兩棵樹都已介入暮年,樹心已非常軟弱,實不能活得長久.鄰居無夸,為安全計只得請樹專家 tree expert 砍下那兩棵老樹.為了紀念這兩位「百年樹人」,特攝数張照片, 在此為証,留作記錄云.

In my neighbour's backyard, there were two really old trees that measured five to six stories high. Over the years, it provided shelters for nesting birds and dwelling squirrels. Unfortunately, during a rainstorm last autumn, one of the trees was almost completely knocked down. Luckily, the hundreds of kilograms of wood did not fall onto this side of our houses. But it sure caused a lot of damages to our neighbour's backyard. When the tree doctor came, the prognosis was not good; both trees had its days and the core was too rotten for them to survive another storm. For the sake of our safety, my neighbour had no choice but to hire the tree experts to have the two trees cut down / put under. In view of the Chinese' respect for very old trees, I took some pictures as witnesses to these two hundred-years old tree "people", for the record.


Eden said...

U mentioned your neighbour 'hired' tree experts to cut it down. So the tree 'belong' to him?

ha, not so in Singapore. All those growing on the road and near private housing belongs to the govt. "Doing something" to it would hv been classified as vandalism already. haha.

Probably could make the stump of the tree as a table or stool or something for remembrance =P

微豆 said...

Hi Eden: Yes, the tree was considered my neighbour's private property. Here in Canada, trees within a person's property line belong to the owner not the govt. Trees on the road side and in parks etc are of course public properties and cannot be chopped down by citizens without permission. Yeah, it would be nice to make use of all that good wood, but my neighbour decided to just give it to someone else to deal with it.

Ciao :)

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