Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Top Five: Managing Science & Technology / 科技管理五項

1. 人事管理不善,有經驗之科技人員,对机構信心大失。
2. 受政治或經濟「短視」之影響,未能以足夠之人力物力,支持較長期性之科技項目。
3. 科技政策未能與机構之投資計劃吻合,形成半拉半推之不平衡狀態。
4. 未能護衛智慧產權,科技生產前途堪慮。
5. 沒有明確之政策方針,科技部「閉門做車」,與顧客和市場需求脫了節。

1. Poor human resources management resulting in loss of trust from senior and experienced science and technology (S&T) personnel.
2. Funding for long-term S&T projects are cut in favour of short-term political or economic gains.
3. There is a mismatch between the S&T policy and the organization's investment plan, resulting in a push-and-pull type of situation.
4. The future of the organization's S&T products is jeopardized because of inadequate protection of intellectual property (IP) rights.
5. Without clear policy direction, the gap between what the S&T personnel do and what the market and customers want widens.

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