Thursday, November 09, 2006

百年樹人 / Hundred Years old Tree "People"

我用手数,這棵樹大約有一百二十五個年輪,換句話說,樹的種子是在公元 1881 年落在這裏的泥土下發芽,過往百年多,它「看」着這個世界在它週圍轉變,直到 2006 年為止.

I counted approximately 125 tree-rings across the diameter of the trunk. In another word, the seed that was this tree found its way into the soil and started growing in AD 1881. It stayed on this spot and witnessed the world changing around it, until the year it was downed, in 2006.


Eden said...

Wah, did yr eyes go 'hay-wire' while counting the rings *hee*

微豆 said...

Hi Eden:

Ha ha, it was difficult on the eyes, esp with some of the rings being so compressed and close together (those were the tough growing years, I assume).

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