Friday, November 10, 2006

除了天倫之外 / Beyond Kinship Love

熱血哺乳動物之中的母愛,是自然天生而來的,但人類的愛, 似乎就比較複雜了!我想愛就像宇宙能力的一種, 維持人與人之間的吸引和抗拒力.

Motherhood love is an intrinsic response in many mammals. However, human love appears to be more than just simple instinct. It is a universal energy force that binds and repels our species.


Ruth Tam said...

When it comes to people, it's much more complicated. Some people have children because they want to take advantage of them.

微豆 said...

Hi Ruth: I take it that you meant some adults "produced" children to satisfy their own selfish desire as opposed to actually wanting to care for them. Well, I definitely have seen irresponsible parents myself and read about child-abuse stories on the newspaper. In those cases, love is either absent or is mixed with something else.

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