Thursday, November 30, 2006

Top Five: International Business / 國際事務五項

1. 以本地方法或策略,搬上國際「戲臺」,後果当然欠佳。
2. 机構內政和外政不調和,有衝突或矛盾,令本地和外地業務行政均受影響。
3. 在人事管理方面,沒有國際事務專家,或可靠之外地「中間人」和外客打交道。
4. 未能護衛智慧產權,被外客灠用或複造。
5. 不明白外國之法制系統、工業組織、官方和非官方之談判過程,及其它國際事務細節。

1. Apply domestic methodologies or strategies to overseas operations and wonder why the results are poor.
2. Internal and external policies are not harmonized, resulting in serious conflicts that affect the domestic and international agenda and operations.
3. In terms of human resources management, fail to hire reliable international experts or "old hands" to act as "go-betweens" for the organization and foreign clients.
4. Inadequate protection of intellectual properties which end up being used in contravention of license agreements or being pirated outright by foreign associates.
5. Do not have sufficient knowledge and working experience with foreign legal systems, sectoral structures, official and un-official negotiation processes, and other fine points in the management of international affairs.


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