Wednesday, November 01, 2006

2006 萬聖節故事 / Halloween Story 2006

萬聖節脕上,下着微微細雨,到來拍門叫「Trick or Treat !!」的小朋友比舊年少,但有出來的就化裝得多姿多彩,有天使,小熊貓,超人等,真是非常cute.成人中除了有伴同子女的父母之外,也有一些童心沫老的「大牛龜」來湊熱鬧,找尋免費娛樂和糖果吃.也有趁機混水摸魚的,以下就是一個這類的故事,是真是假,由您定斷罷.


On Halloween night, there weren't as many kids out as last year because of the drizzling rain. However, those who did come out were all dressed up as cute little angels, panda bears, supermen, etc. Beside the kids' parents, there were also other adults out trolling at night, such as the young-at-hearts who just wanted free entertainment and cheap candies. And then, there were those whose motives were not quite as clear, so let's listen to the following story and then you can tell me whether it's true or not.

On Halloween night, a taxi driver picked up a fare, a young and beautiful nun. The male driver was all "sexed" up and with a pretended sad face, he said, "All my life I have been waiting for this moment, my wish to be able to kiss a nun. I wonder if you could help me fulfill this dream of mine." The nun was much taken aback, but recovered quickly and said, "I am willing to help but my first kiss is reserved only to the brothers of my faith. Are you a believer?" At that point, the male driver was hot-on-the-trot and quickly replied, "Of course, I am a believer!" The nun had no choice and gave the man the kiss he wanted. Filled with excitement and joy, the cab driver could not help himself and shouted, "Ha!! I am not a believer; I just waned to steal your first kiss !!" The nun replied, "I am not a nun, I am just a guy dressing up as a woman on Halloween night."


Eden said...

is this a true encounter or just a joke?

Tot those who go ard on trick or treat supposed to wear scary costumes ... getting cuter nowadays :p

vicky said...

你那邊玩trick or treat真夠傳統, 在HK, 年青人扮到鬼五馬六, 在LAN KWAI FONG狂歡, 有年我經過, 見到大派condom, 變成年青人的世界, 不是在Hollywood電影見到那種小孩節日.

微豆 said...

Eden: 是羅馬友人寄來的一個賀節故事,不是真的. Nowadays, people young or old are not obliged to wear scary costumes. You are right, the little ones were so CUTE when they came to the door and did their trick-or-treats !!

Vicky: 可能這邊年青人覺得萬聖節是他們兒時做過的小孩子玩意,不夠「棒」.在蘭桂坊派 condom 似乎是預防青年人玩得「性」起呢?還是他們自己帶來使用?我在這裏沒有聽聞萬性狂歡,北美其它較大城市我就不知了.

Eden said...

sounds fun!
maybe i shld plan holidays to countries that celebrate halloween next time ^^

微豆 said...

You are more than welcome to come to Canada :)

Haricot 微豆 said...

UPDATE (Oct 31, 2010):

Many ppl are saying that because of security concerns, there are less and less neighbourhood kids trick-or-treating on the street (compared to 4 yrs ago when I posted this blog article). Instead, parents are holding indoor parties. If security is the reason (as opposed to not wanting kids to eat too much candies), then I think that's a fairly sad reflection on the wellness of our community.

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