Tuesday, October 31, 2006

一靜一動 / Qi Thinking

一靜: 氣下丹田,心如止水.
一動: 形意合一,臨危不亂.

This is what I visualize when I am practising my Qi:
* Rest: Qi settles in the Dan Tian; Mind stays calm as still water.
* Move: Form and mind merge as one; Will thrives amidst chaos.
I often use these two "mantras" (for lack of a better word) to gather myself together before I go too far down like a fallen kite.


Eden said...

I'm more of a heart person ... although i told myself to take deep breaths when i'm about to blow or confused or in chaos, I usually forgot abt that at that moment =(

Josephine said...


微豆 said...

Eden: If you are a heart person, do you know how you fit into San Wen Ji's 再玩九型人格 ? As to 臨危不亂, practice makes perfect, just like breathing :)

Josephine: 多謝您來探訪,很高興以中英法文會友.我也曾到您的綱頁,令尊的書法和您的寫作真好!請多來互相切磋.

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