Sunday, October 15, 2006

跑馬拉松 / Running Marathons


I just finished my 6th running marathon and am taking a week off to give the body a chance to recover. Some people said life itself is a marathon, albeit a very long one, and in both the physical and emotional sense. If the comparison holds, then the question arises as to why all the efforts when the end does not seem to justify the means. Au contraire, I would submit that the quest to find out the capability and limits of ourselves (and of our partners and co-runners) is really a part of defining our existence. From that perspective, it's not so much the success or failure of our race at the end that is important, but rather the knowledge of who we are during the journey. The internal motivation of self-discovery differentiates those who continue and those who give up because of a lack of external reward.

微豆 / Haricot


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