Wednesday, October 25, 2006

訓練跑馬拉松 / Training for a Marathon


Whether a marathon is going to be easy or hard may depend a lot on the health of a person's mind and body as well as his/her time goal. If an individual does regular exercise and the doctor tells him/her there is no problem with running long distance, then the training might take any where from four to six months. During this period, a set time goal may determine the required weekly milage and speed. Here is a suggested website to get people started:


Emmanuelle said...

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微豆 said...

Bienvenue Emmanuelle. Il me fait plaisir de vous rencontrer !!


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Gwen and Ian said...

this is very useful, my sis is now preparing for the marathon and I will start practicing with her next week on.

微豆 Haricot said...

Gwen and Ian:

Hey, so you are a runner too !!! When is your marathon?

Here is my most recent article on the subject matter: "2008年: 馬拉松丶半馬拉松丶10K賽跑 ∕ 2008: Marathon, Half-marathon, 10K Races".

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