Monday, November 27, 2006

Top Five: Human Resources Management / 人事管理五項

1. 有很多机構,老闆对傢俬,比对僱員還重要。
2. 與顧客接觸最多的,就是最「黑口黑面」的。
3. 內部鬥爭,各自為己。
4. 人事計劃不存在,與机構的三至五年長期計劃方針脫節。
5 下情不能上達,好意見不受重用,上層與僱員脫節。

1. Some organization invests more in their furniture than employees.
2. Those in the front-line dealing with customers are the least client-oriented.
3. Internal office politics create silos and an unhealthy work environment.
4. There is no human resources planning to complement the organization's 3- to 5-year strategic plan.
5. Decision-makers and employees are not communicating, good ideas remain unused and there is an organizational disjoint vertically.


Eden said...

Gee, pt 1 fits the organisation i'm working at =P

Heard that our ergonomic chairs cost > $1K ....

San Wen Ji said...

here, all meet except point 2

微豆 said...

Eden: An organization's greatest asset is its people, supposedly, yet point 1 comes up again and again. I hope the ergo chairs are at least comfortable ;)

微豆 said...

San Wen Ji: For point 2, it happens mostly with the retail sector. I am glad your org does not have that problem, altho the other four will need to be resolved.

Eden said...

oh yes they are =)

微豆 said...

Hope those chairs will result in a healthy back and good posture.

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