Thursday, November 23, 2006

人生但求五十分 / The 50-Percent Solution

閱讀【散文集】有關「水族館」的來龍去脈,發覺「烏龜」先生似乎就是我以前老師說的,「人生但求五十分」那種人: 沒什麽上進之心,只求僅僅合格,以最休閒的方式,換取得每月最好的薪酬,又何樂而不為呢?!! 問題就是: 學如逆水行舟,不進則退,有了這種心態之後,也就是工作走下坡的開始了。

Having followed San Wen Ji's "aquarium" story, I come to the conclusion that Mr. Tortoise fits into what my old teacher described as "the 50-Percent Solution" type of workers. For them, the ultimate goal in life is just to pass, never to get overly ambitious, always choose the most relaxing way to earn their monthly wages. Hey, but why not if they can get away with it, right?!! The problem is that: Learning is like rowing a boat upstream, getting lazy will not get them anywhere. The 50-Percent mentality marks the beginning of the end of one's career.


Ruth Tam said...

Different people have different aspiration. If one just wants to get a pass, so be it. Everyone has different priority in life.

Haricot 微豆 said...

Ruth: Fair enough. 50% is a pass and not a fail. I guess it all comes down to the contractual agreement between a supervisor and his/her employee. As long as both parties fulfill the agreed upon roles and responsibilities, then there is no problem as both aspiration and expectation are met.

San Wen Ji said...

totally agreed with Haricot..
we are not talking about a person personal long as a company pays to a person, he/she needs to perform

微豆 said...

Ruth and San Wen Ji:
What might happen too is that the person thinks he/she is at the passing mark without knowing that the performance is actually heading down a slippery slope, 50%, 49%, 45% etc.

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