Wednesday, June 04, 2008

簷下鳥巢 (結局) / Blackbird's Family (End of Story)

In the last few days, the soffits holding the nest began to bend due to the combined weights of the nest and the growing birds. Because of the steep roof, I could not climb up there to give my feather friends a helping hand. During the night, the wind must have picked up and the whole thing came crashing down. In the morning, I was expecting the worst. However, looking out from the second-floor window, I couldn't find any trace of the blackbirds around the crash site. Now there are cats in the neighbourhood, but they prowl mostly in the yards and I have never seen them on the steep roof. So, I assume that the young birds had survived the disaster and flew away on their own. In the afternoon, mother bird flew back to the broken nest a few times, probably looking for any missing babies. Hopefully, the blackbird family have found each other and are re-united in their new nest.

Photograph 攝影相片: The gaping hole where the nest and soffits once were.


the inner space said...

I am not that optimistic, I believe the worst outcome has come true. What a sad ending!

微豆 Haricot said...

Bad outocme: 人生如雀鳥,隨風四散飛,一朝風雨至,大限總難逃。

Good outcome: This morning, I saw a flock of small blackbirds abt half a block from where I live ... One can only hope.

tofufa said...

I'm hoping for the good outcome too~

微豆 Haricot said...

Tofufa: Yes, when there is hope, there is always a future :)

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