Monday, January 10, 2011

Vitas: The Counter Tenor

I sing as tenor in a choir but there is no way I can reach those high note by Vitas!!! The man (with an alto/soprano voice) is just amazing !!!!

According to YouTube, here are the translated lyrics:

We always want more than we have
We always want more than we have
And anguish grasps our hearts
We stagger in an autumn wind
We are filled up with someone else's joy
Inflamed by someone else's feasts
Like sunshine on a glade We draw our heads nearer over the tables
I'll embrace you, tipsy like separation
And take you in my arms
I won't share you, wild like abuse
Either with an enemy or a friend
It rarely happens to me like this

Below are more songs from Vitas. Enjoy !!!!

Here are some comments on YouTube:
"..... The thing is, on his highest notes, he's not using falsetto. He's forcing them out. If it was falsetto, his facial expressions would be more calm and relaxed. Some of the other high notes are falsetto, just not the highest ones. Like at 3:21, he's forcing it ...."

The next one by Vitas is called "Songbird from the Gods":

The song below is called "opera", also "Dedication of Love":

Below is another one by Vitas "Opera #2" (俄文+中文字幕)

Below is Vitas singing Lucia Di Lammermoorr (il dolce suono)

Here is the song "Mama":

Below is "Ave Maria":

Here is the song "The Star":

Below is Vitas singing "Opera N1":



the inner space said...

男高音 ( tenor )是一名音域佔C-c2共15度的 歌唱家 。Luciano Pavarotti 有外號叫「高音C之王」,他死後,已後繼無人!

新鮮人 said...


Haricot 微豆 said...

Space: It is amazing how Pavarotti could reach that high note !! You are right - 後繼無人!!!

Haricot 微豆 said...

新鮮人: Thanks for the link to YouTube. Yes, he is amazing !!

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