Friday, January 14, 2011

Giving Food to the Monks in Laos

I woke up at 04h45 this morning before the alarm clock. It was still pitch dark outside. Putting on my jacket and shoes, I waited to see if K would wake up. My plan was to go outside and meet the monks who would come down from the mountain to receive breakfast food from the town folks and tourists at around 06h15.

As fate would have it, I did meet them and gave away the food that I had purchased from the street hawkers (sticky rice contained in a straw container, a basket of baby bananas, and a basket of local food wrapped in lotus leaves).

Anyway, it was quite an experience as the "givers/donors" must either kneeled or sit on a mat with their shoes off and they must not touch neither the monks, their robes, or the basket they were holding.

My food ran out after the abt the 15th monk and there must be another 15 behind him. Anyway, there were other donors who had purchased more food and I was glad those monks at the back of the line would not have to starve !!!

All Ni Tall Fat !!


Anonymous said...

I was guessing how many of these people were sincerely giving out the food to the monks or it is just part of the FUN like they were buying food feeding inside the zoology garden!


新鮮人 said...

"All Ni Tall Fat !! "

All Ni Tall Fat !! orz

Haricot 微豆 said...


According to the locals, the monks have been doing this for many many years, receiving food from the villagers. From the monks' perspective, I assume it is immaterial whether it is the "black cat" or "white cat" who give them food. The presence of tourists actually help the cause.

Now I can't speak for others, but our tour guide specifically said that everything should be done with respect and that there must be no posing for photos with the monk while you are giving him food.

Haricot 微豆 said...


Haha !! I am glad you got it.

The keyboard and everything on this computer are all in Laotian language, so I cannot write anything in Chinese


the inner space said...

Hari big brother,from the tourists perspective they were watching the whole progress with FUN or sort of a SHOW!

Yes,I can't see the inside of each tourist I am purely speculating!

By the way I never visit any zoology garden during my own travel, and not joining the visit when I was in a group tour!

Anonymous said...


I can only speak for K and myself.

We did give a substantial donation to MAG, the local organization that supports mine sweeping and clearance of bombies (aka cluster bombs). Our contribution will also go toward education program that raises the awareness of children who might pick up a bombie and play with it, with deadly consequence.

Some of the money will also go toward looking after those (mostly farmers or their family in the country side) who are victims of the deadly legacy.

If it were a "show" or for "fun", we would not have given that much, and definitely not from our hearts as well.

(in Vientiane, LAO PDR)
17h05 local time

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