Tuesday, January 18, 2011

旅遊越南 - 繁忙的首都河內市 / Travelling to Vietnam - Hanoi, Buzzing Capital City of Vietnam

We flew out of Laos yesterday and arrived at Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. Not in a million year did I imagine myself in this city that had been bombed so extensively during the Vietnam War. Now it is a buzzing city with shops selling and advertising western products and they love to accept American dollars. Just like many cities in SE Asia, it is opening up to private entrepreneurship and economically, capitalism. So why the long war with soliders and civilians dying on both sides when in the end, this place is going the "capitalistic" way?

By the way, we passed by West Lake where John McCain was shot down during his bombing mission to Hanoi.

07h44 local time

Updated 2011-02-14

According to Wikipedia:

河內市(越:Thành phố Hà Nội/城舖河內*?, 越南語發音(說明·資訊))是越南社會主義共和國的首都,位於越南北部,紅河三角洲西北部,紅河右岸和紅河與墩河的匯流處,因處紅河三角洲之內而得名「河內」。四周分別與北江省、北寧省、北𣴓省、永富省接壤。河內是越南的工業、文化中心,同時也是越南歷史古都,其擁有1000多年歷史,從西元11世紀起就是越南政治、經濟和文化中心,市區歷史文物豐富,名勝古跡遍佈,市內古跡眾多。人口約為620萬,多為京族。


the inner space said...

I totally agree with you Hari big brother, "So why the long war with soliders and civilians dying on both sides when in the end, this place is going the "capitalistic" way?"

Humbly, I guess the answer is/was the past capitalistic way in the south was led by the amricans now it is lead by the people of vietnam.

Though the same GREEN BACK us dollars they are/ were accepting and using, the people of Vietnam earning that and not borrowed (waived as grants later) or donated by the americans while the latter pouring in dollars to win the war against communism at the height of COLD WAR.

Haricot 微豆 said...


Unlike the economic/trade wars we have now, it was the fear of communism / capitalism as well as ideology conflicts that fueled the Vietnam War.

There is nothing to fear except fear itself.

the inner space said...

FEAR? there was nothing to be FEAR of ..... that was the war to liberate the southern vietnam people from the OVERSTEPPING by the Americans!

Haricot 微豆 said...


The US definitely feared that communism would take over SE Asia.

There were also south Vietnamese who were afraid they would lose their wealth, properties and freedom to the North Vietnam regime.

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