Friday, January 21, 2011

旅遊蘇格蘭: 愛丁堡藝穗節 / Travel to Scotland: Edinburgh Fringe Festival

在2010年旅遊蘇格蘭愛丁堡巿的時侯,經過這間很有藝術氣氛的Fringe Shop藝穗店,不知為什么,突然聯想起了我在瑞典哥德堡城的一個網友。我趕快叫K勒住馬疆,等我一会兒,讓我拍攝了這幅照片。

附註: 愛丁堡藝穗節 Edingburgh Fringe Festival是全世界數一數二丶最成功的非主流藝術運營組織,主辦人本著開放及創作自由的原則,讓覌众體驗新興藝術家以不同形式所創做的新天地。

2011-02-07 Update: Photo #2717 taken in Edinburgh on Sept 15, 2010 08h46 (Ottawa date/time) was reloaded successfully.


the inner space said...

hari big brother, 可惜我不能打開相片,上傳有limitation?

啤酒花™_J said...

no pix?

Haricot 微豆 said...


Sorry! I will try to fix it once I have access to my own computer.

Haricot 微豆 said...


I am in travel mode and will re-post the pic soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Haricot,

We were in Edinburgh and Glasgow last February. I thought of the Fringe Festival too, as I used to enjoy th HK one years ago:) One year I and my friends were evening trying to sell some hand-made mirror accessories we created. If I remember right, we sold out nothing but gained a fun experience.

I like Glasgow more, the architecture and the non-huge and therefore cosy city centre has the kind of European settings I love.

As in Edinburgh, I remember SAS Hotel's location is an old castle, right in the middle of the old town.

Have a safe trip and awaiting your more sharing!

O, Kung Hey Fat Choy too!
eva. (still in HK)

Haricot 微豆 said...


Sorry for my late reply. I was always in a hurry while travelling in SE Asia.

Edinburgh is definitely upscale and touristy while Glasgow is more of a working-class community and has its own down-to-earth architecture and flavour.

For sure, I will post more articles and pictures upon my return to Ottawa.

Happy Chinese New Year to you too !!!!!

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