Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bangkok to Laos (via air Jan 12, 2011)

Another seven minutes and we will be heading out to the Bangkok airport to fly to Laos. Here are some thoughts:
* With over 4 million ppl, Bangkok is a populated city with lots of hawkers and SMEs fueling the economy.
* The air is quite smoggy and the water in the canal is murky (altho I saw a guy submerging himself there fishing or whatever)
* All the ppl we have met are really friendly and polite even tho we can't communicate that well.
* There must be lots of rich ppl around with all the expensive looking penthouse apartments.

Gotta go !!!


Special Note:

To Space, Fresh Designers, and other blogger friends: I would not be able to visit your blogs while I am on the go. I promise you I will do so when I have an opportunity. Meanwhile, I am enjoying all the comments you have posted !!!


Matt said...

Have a fun and safe trip. The B&B looks very cozy. I was just in Bangkok for New Year. :)

啤酒花™_J said...

Enjoy! I was there in July. Love the food, love to shop there as well :P

Anonymous said...


Yes, I love the B&B. Gees, I should look at the pics posted on your blog upon my return to Canada :)


Anonymous said...


Well, there is definitely no end of shopping in Bangkok.

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