Thursday, January 27, 2011

身體質量指數(BMI)的列線圖 / Body Mass Index (BMI) Nomogram

聖誕新年節日粗食粗肥,又因母親入院一事忙過不了,沒有時間常做運動,6-pack abs 六塊腹肌眨值,冬天要穿「虧佬衭」,減肥紅燈亮著了!!

我為了要重振雄風,避免沾上 muffin man 闊腰圍的形像,所以特往加拿大健康部網站查究有關身體質量指數Body Mass Index BMI 的資料。原來以我的高度計,我還有12磅才会被列線图fail「肥佬」... phew !!


Body Mass Index (BMI) Nomogram

Source: Health Canada. Canadian Guidelines for Body Weight Classification in Adults. Ottawa: Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada; 2003.

This BMI nomogram is not intended for use with:

•those under 18 years of age,
•and pregnant and lactating women.

Visit the Health Canada
Question and Answer (Q & A) section for more information about weight classification and answers to questions about weight and health.

To estimate BMI, locate the point on the chart where height and weight intersect. Read the number on the dashed line closest to this point. For example, if you weigh 69 kg and are 173 cm tall, you have a BMI of approximately 23, which is in Normal Weight.

You can also calculate your BMI using this formula:

BMI = weight(kg)/height(m)2

Health Risk Classification According to Body Mass Index (BMI):

Classification BMI Category (kg/m2) Risk of developing health problems
Underweight <>= 40.0 Extremely high

Important: To clarify risk for each individual, other factors such as lifestyle habits, fitness level, and presence or absence of other health risk conditions also need to be considered.

Note: For persons 65 years and older the 'normal' range may begin slightly above BMI 18.5 and extend into the 'overweight' range.

* Health Canada:
Body Mass Index (BMI) Nomogram

DISCLAIMER: The purpose of this blog article is NOT to provide readers with any medical advice, implied or otherwise. Please consult your family doctor and other professionals on issues concerning your health and well-being.


the inner space said...

hari big brother, 說笑吧! 你旅居楓葉國多年,還曾靜在阿省北部生活過,這個冬天要穿“虧佬褲”?哈哈哈哈,小弟唔信!

Haricot 微豆 said...


You sure won't see me running around naked :O

Anyway, many years ago, I was out jogging at minus 30 deg C and almost froze my 家傳寶物 !!! It was a very PAINFUL experience >_<

Since then, I have become very careful.

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