Monday, January 05, 2009

Road to Morocco - Belly Dancer / 摩洛哥的肚皮舞孃

YouTube video:

The video was taken in November 2008 during my trip to Morocco. The belly dancer was accompanied by a group of traditional musicians. The audience really enjoyed their performance. (






Ruth Tam said...

I've learned belly dance for a short while but I find it so boring. Not much variation, by western standard. They have different kinds of shimmy (i.e. the shaking of the chest, the waist and the hip). But to me, the differences are small. Yet, it's technically not easy.

微豆 Haricot said...

Ruth: Thank you for your special insight !!!

From what little I know of belly dancing, a performer has to master the movements of the different muscle groups in isolation, which as you said, is technically difficult. In addition to the forms, a dancer also has to "express" him/herself in tune with the music.

I guess western dances have more variations because there are more countries involved and there have been a lot more cross-cultural pollinations as well.

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