Tuesday, July 17, 2007

義大利地中海內利巴里島 / Italy's Lipari Island in the Mediterranean Sea

"Under the hot Mediterranean sun
Two wanderers and a church
we met - by chance"

(My Photo Album: Lipari/Aeolian Islands north of Sicily, Italy)
(我的攝影图片: 義大利西西里島以北之內利巴里群島)
(Related info: UNESCO Isole Eolie)
June 23 2009 Update: 請往下列網誌參閱更多的攝影相片和資料

* 義大利地中海內利巴里島:南岸 / Italy's Lipari Island in the Mediterranean Sea: South Coast http://lotusandcedar.blogspot.com/2007/07/italys-lipari-island-in-mediterranean_20.html


紗繪 said...


風信子/Hyacinthus said...

Nice really. Thanks for sharing : )
微豆, you live somewhere nearby Quebec City? Share me some photos of Montreal if you pay her a visit next time : )

vicky said...

好 "教父" feel!

微豆 said...

紗繪: 西西里島的天氣、地理、風土、人情、和食物(包括pasta)真是和義大利其它地方不同。本地人的熱情,可能是和那裏的火山有關 ;-)

微豆 said...

風信子 Hyacinthus: Québec City is "far" from here (for me, any distance that takes more than five hours of highway driving at 100 km/hour is far). Sure, I will take some pics for you when I go to Montréal, altho I don't know when.

微豆 said...

Vicky: 哈哈!! 那日天氣酷熱,「教父」及其保鏢都去了避暑,街上行人稀少。

風信子/Hyacinthus said...

Many Thanks. :)
I'm VERY patient!
I can wait XD

微豆 said...

風信子/Hyacinthus : D'accord :)

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