Monday, July 23, 2007

室內音樂: 安吉拉赫威特 丹尼爾穆勒斯科特 / Chamber Music with Angela Hewitt and Daniel Müller-Schott

The Gala Opening Concert of the International Chamber Music Festival took place last Saturday evening in a local church. Even an hour before admission, the line-up outside was already two-blocks long (these were people with tickets!!). Obviously, the featuring performers安吉拉 赫威特Angela Hewitt (piano 鋼琴) and丹尼 爾穆勒 斯科特Daniel Müller-Schott (cello 大提琴) were irresistible to chamber music lovers. Sitting in their lawn-chairs or just standing around, the crowd waited patiently for the door to open so they could be in the front-rows.

At 8 pm, the Ambassador of Germany stepped onto the stage and introduced the power duo. After a hearty loud applause from their fans, Angela sit gracefully at the piano (a Frazioli specially shipped for this concert) while Daniel attended to the cello (his Saphir “Ex Shapiro” Matteo Goffriller cello made in Venice 威尼斯 in 1727). For the next couple of hours, the fans' patience was rewarded with the following four masterpieces, as well as an encore, played by these two world-class performing artists:

* Johann Sebastian Bach's Sonata in D major, BWV 1028, for viola da gamba and keyboard (Angela played the piano instead of harpsichord; and Daniel the cello instead of the gamba with his parsimonious vibrato)
* Beethoven's Sonata in G minor, opus 5, no. 2 (the first movement Adagio sostenuto ed epressivo was very epressivo and the cello animated).
* Manuel de Falla's Suita Popular Españla or Seven Spanish Songs
* César Franck's Sonata in A major

Even for someone like myself with zero music training and talents, I was completely captured by the seamless integration of the two performers. After the show, I rushed to backstage and had them signed the CD that I had just bought and had our pictures taken (what they have to put up with!!)

For more information about Angela and Daniel, please visit:üller-Schott

(以上是特別為網友 Vicky 和其她/他音樂愛好者寫的 :)
(Dedicated to Vicky and other music lovers :)


vicky said...

What a wonderful evening!

Angela Hewitt 是出名演奏bach 的, i like Bach's sonatas very much(all included keyboard, violin...)

Franck's Sonata in A major, 2nd & 4th movement, both player chasing each others makes you very exciting!

紗繪 said...


微豆 said...

Vicky: Both Daniel Müller-Schott and Angela Hewitt are just fabulous !! Angela's 70-80 some years old mother was there in a wheel-chair watching her daughter's performance. I guess with the busy world performance schedule, her Mom must be glad to see her back in Canada, for a little while anyway !!

I admire your knowledge of music and hope my amateurish reporting won't disappoint you :)

More to come Vicky, to cheer you up!!

微豆 said...

紗絵: New chapter with a new name? I will drop by, for sure :)

vicky said...

I like your writing, i am amateur too!
I like people truly appreciate classical music instead of showing themselves with taste, but actually they didn't touch by the music. I know you like it!

微豆 said...

Vicky: Thanks !! It is true, I have never learnt classical music, but there is a part of me that really responds to it emotionally.

yuen luk luk said...

Thanks for sharing 微豆, I have Angela Hewitt CD for Bach's music. Is she a Canadian?

微豆 said...

Yuen Luk Luk: Yes, Angela Hewitt is Canadian and she is originally from Ottawa. I believe she now lives in Italy and the UK.

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