Thursday, July 05, 2007

鮑勃·迪倫 / The Legendary Bob Dylan (1)

The last time I saw Bob Dylan's live concert was on July 16, 2006 in an open-air theatre outside the Auditorium Parco Della Musica in Rome. Under the star-filled night and with the warm Mediterranean wind gently blowing against my face, it was a magical time to see the legendary Bob Dylan in action. So when I heard that he would be in town for the local Bluesfest in early July 2007, I was wondering whether I would have the opportunity to see him on this side of the pond. While July normally marks the beginning of summer vacation for most people in Canada, it has been an unusually busy time for me both in terms of work and family responsibilities. As the concert day approached, I figured there was little chance that I could make it.

On the day of the concert, several things happened. Some of my business meetings were cancelled, I was able to leave work before six-thirty, and things were working out at home. I arrived back at my house around seven-fifteen, changed into my casual attire, flipped a steak into the oven and hopped onto my bike while still chewing the last bit of my supper. By the time I arrived at the concert field, there was already a big crowd lining up to get in. I was lucky enough to purchase one of the last few tickets left.

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