Friday, February 23, 2007

風寒指數 / Wind Chill Factor

Picture 图: Wind Chill Factor風寒指數
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This evening, I met some friends from Europe at their hotel and we went out for supper together. Prior to departure, they had learnt from TV broadcast and the news that Canadian winter would be very cold. But they had never heard of the Wind Chill Factor. So, when the left Europe, it was a balmy +15 degrees and when they got off the plane, the outside temperature was a cool -20 degrees. But they didn't realize that with a wind blowing at 20 km/h, the chilling effect on exposed skin is equivalent to -30 degrees !! I have lived here long enough, so it's no big deal. When it gets cold, I put on a few more layers of warm undies, put on my pair of gloves/mittens, a scarf, and a warm hat to protect my fingies, mouth and neck and the top of my head and off I go. When I am out running, skiing, or skating, I often work up a sweat and have to take off some clothes to cool off. In order to survive in adverse weather conditions, one does not have a choice but to adapt.


vicky said...

我這兒也是20度左右, 從未試過在零下環境活動, 感覺有點不可思義.

微豆 said...

我以前以為零下環境,就像伸了頭入雪櫃冰箱,左右看兩看,是積雪和冷空氣,沒什稀奇。那知道大自然的「冰箱」,是有數萬呎高的大雪山,数十哩長的冰川,白茫茫的森林原野,無数的雪免、班鹿、田鼠丶飛鳥丶游魚和其它冬天生物,你真要找机会嘗試了。But you won't find what I just said in Toronto or other big cities. Try the National Parks, such as Jasper or Banff; the Laruentians, and other wilderness areas in Canada.

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