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加納 / Ghana

With the relatively strong Canadian dollars and discounts on travelling packages, K and I have been looking at vacation deals that would otherwise exceed our budget. But the supply-demand equation may also work against our favour. Such is the case with our planned Ghana trip when the travel organization informed us that there were not enough participants to make the trip viable. Obviously, we are disappointed.

Africa is a big continent with many beautiful countries but not all of them are politically stable or friendly to western visitors. While crime may occur everywhere, we sure don't want to have to worry abt being kidnapped while on vacation. Ghana would have been a great destination and their local economy would have been boasted by tourists spending money there.

Alas, we now have to dream abt the jungles and hills of Africa instead.

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Reference / Photo credit: Wikipedia / Ghana

".... Tourism is a rapidly growing sector particularly among Europeans, Americans, and other internationals connected to the Ghanaian Diaspora abroad. Ghana's political and economic stability, low crime rate, and wide use of English make the country an attractive entrypoint to West Africa for foreigners. UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle, national parks such as Kakum National Park and Mole National Park, as well as cultural celebrations such as Panafest are major centres of tourist activity...."

".... 加納於1957年,由原英國殖民地「黃金海岸」和「英屬多哥」合并建國,成為英國在非洲殖民地中首個獨立的國家,被視為非洲民族主義領袖。它的開國總統恩克魯瑪是新殖民主義理論權威之一,曾經備受毛澤東推崇,對推動泛非獨立和整合起過歷史作用。名字為紀念以前的加納帝國選定為加納。這個名字只是借光,真正歷史上的加納帝國離今日的加納很遠。..."


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We ended up visiting Senegal in May-June 2012.

Please see my blog article entitled:
旅遊西非洲塞內加爾共和國 Travel to la République du Sénégal West Africa


the inner space said...

Obama and family went to Ghana once too, there the Cape Coast Castle is the Monument about slave trade by the whitemen!

Haricot 微豆 said...


>> ....Obama and family went to Ghana

You are right !! There is a billboard showing Obama with the Ghana leader:

>> ... slave trade

West Africa is where the main character came from in Lawrence Hill's The Book of Negroes.


* Wikipedia / The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill:

Aminata Diallo, an 11-year-old child, is taken from her village in West Africa and forced to walk for months to the sea in a coffle — a string of slaves. Eventually, she arrives in South Carolina where she begins a new life as a slave. Due to circumstantial events in her life, Aminata develops certain advantages other slaves do not: she possesses the skills of a midwife and learns how to read and write.

Years later, she finds freedom, serving the British in the American Revolutionary War and having her name entered in the historic "Book of Negroes." This book, an actual historical document, is an archive of freed Loyalist slaves who requested permission to leave the United States in order to resettle in Nova Scotia, only to discover that this new place becomes one that is also oppressive and unyielding. Aminata eventually returns to Sierra Leone, passing ships carrying thousands of slaves bound for America, but eventually finds herself crossing the ocean one more time to England to present the account of her life so that it may abolish the slave trade.

* Wikipedia / Lawrence Hill:

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