Sunday, December 04, 2011

Christmas Decoration at Simply Biscotti on Preston St. Ottawa

K and I went for our Sunday brunch at Simply Biscotti on Preston Street earlier today. I looked at the decoration and suddenly realized I have not yet started my Christmas shopping !! As much as I am rebellious, I am not a hermit living off the grid. I feel obliged to conform to the tradition of giving gifts.

So, here is a question to the OWS crowd: Having invented Occupy Black Friday, will there be an Occupy Christmas? I hope not, because I sure want SMEs such as Simply Biscotti to stay in business !! As much as the OWS movement says they are targeting mega-corporations, I can't help but feel SMEs will be negatively affected too.

As Marco Rabinowitz once said: "..... nonproductivity in society over time eventually evolves into counterproductivity ....." So, while there are social-economic-environmental issues that need to be resolved, let's not stall the economy with an "Occupying Christmas" and kill the chance of an economic recovery.

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* "Ghost of Christmas Future: Half of Americans Fear Not Being Able to Afford Holiday Shopping" By Marco Rabinowitz, Benzinga Staff Writer, November 30, 2011


imak said...

i think the idea of OBF is just to help the local shops, SME shld be included in the pool right?

the inner space said...

In HK SMEs are fighting a losing battle。SME以薄利多銷賣出前一丁麵,供應商接到 megastore 投訴後,勒令 SME 提高售價,否則斷供貨!

Haricot 微豆 said...


My concern was that SMEs might have got caught in the cross-fire btwn Occupy Black Friday and big corporations.

Haricot 微豆 said...


>> .... 勒令 SME 提高售價,否則斷供貨!

Price-fixing, isn't that illegal?

the inner space said...


乃雙各出招引起公眾注意啫 。。。。。。

the inner space said...

另 Prohibits cartel 價格協議是非法,但未有 anti trust 反托勒斯 得相關法例!

一般在香港常見是汽車汽油被3間供應商,隱形 cartel,特區政府冇招!

Haricot 微豆 said...


Thank you for the link to your article - very informative. I left my comments there.

Haricot 微豆 said...


How organized and strong are the media and consumer groups in HK?

Here, the media definitely play a key role in raising awareness and protecting consumer interests e.g. "Market Place" and similar TV programs.

However, Canadian consumers still depends very much on the govt to protect their rights against big corporations and industry, such as the insurance and banking sectors.

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