Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Haricot on the Move: A Rant on Hand-held Device vs Net Top Computer vs New Road Bike

I have been debating whether I should pay abt CAD$45/month for a minimum 2-year contract (a total of abt $1200) to get either a data plan for my hand-held BlackBerry device, or a wireless Internet stick for my Net Top. The idea is to gain access to Internet websites when I am on the move.

So far, I am inclined to favour the BlackBerry option.

Presently, I am sitting outside under the warm Ottawa sun and am trying to type something on my net top computer. The problem is that I can't see anything on the LCD monitor. On the other hand, the BlackBerry is working just fine w no glare bouncing off the little screen. The BlackBerry has also the size advantage as it fits nicely in my pants pocket or my waist pouch. As a runner, skier and an outdoorsy type, size does matter.

On the other hand, I am trying to save money to buy a new and sleek-looking road-bike after the local sport shop refused to do a tune-up on my old faithful CCM 12-speed !!! Despite my plead and my willingness to shell out the exorbitant parts and labour cost, the shop guy stared at me and said: "Your bike is not worth the money. Just pump up the tires, put some oil on the chain, and look for a second-hand bike."

I beg your pardon Sir ? You are hurting my bike's feeling !!! All right, MY feeling. I know it is un-natural to have emotional attachment to an inanimate object. But my 12-speed and I have gone thru a lot together since I bought her upon my arrival to the capital. We rode together to and from work thru the busy traffic of downtown Ottawa and Hull rain or shine for many years. We went thru the ups and downs of my career. We trained together for my first swim-run-bike triathlon. We disappeared into the nite when I was feeling depressed. We went see the blooming tulips in the spring when the sun was shinning. Until the gears got jammed.

That reminds me of an old timer I met when I was working on the railroad tracks in the Canadian Rockies. When I asked him why he always drank alone in his beat-up Chevrolet, he told me simply: "My wife and I used to travel together in this vehicle, till she passed away several years ago." Then he pour another gulp of Johnny Walker down his throat. Just because my 12-speed has passed her prime doesn't mean the memory is gone.

So, here is my plan of action: I will find someone to repair my old bike and find other options to gain wireless access to Internet.

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啤酒花™_J said...

memory - i wish to have a bigger hardisk n a faster ram....cos i do need it :P

the inner space said...

“CAD$45/month for a minimum 2-year contract (a total of abt $1200) to get either a data plan for my hand-held BlackBerry device, or a wireless Internet stick for my Net Top.”

The urgency deemed such investment necessary?

Haricot 微豆 said...

啤酒花™_J: Perhaps your hardisk needs defragmentation from time to time. Lots of restful sleep will give you more and faster memory !

Haricot 微豆 said...


Very good question ... Is my need a must or just a desirable, for that large sum of money?

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