Tuesday, June 07, 2011

講大話,甩大牙!!! (說謊政客的垃圾) / Oh Mr. Weiner - Liar Liar Pants on Fire !!!

I think this chant we often hear from children fits perfectly well with Mr. Anthony Weiner, New York Democrat rep in the US Congress - except that he is no longer in grade school and should have known better b4 tweeting his 'junk' mail to a 21-yr old female student.

According to Reuters: "I'm deeply regretting what I have done and I'm not resigning," Weiner told a reporter while wiping tears.

Now that the cat is out of the bag (or whatever), Weiner profusely apologized for the inappropriate action taken by a man of his statue (which I am sure is larger than life in his own mind).

And he was also sorry for lying after the news broke out. Remember his feeble cover-ups? Oh, it was an accidental shot of my private part by the hand-held inside my pants pocket. Oh, I was hacked. Oh, it could have been my junk altho I'm not sure ("Why didn't you just look?" one TV talk host jokingly suggested).

As I commented previously in my blog article on Oprah, there are no lack of male role-models for Little Johnny to emulate these days.

Why am I even blogging abt this guy ?!!

Photo Credit:
* The Ottawa Sun - June 7, 2011

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Updated 20110608:

Here are the comments from communication guru Barry McLoughlin (I took a course from him once)
( http://barrymcloughlin.blogspot.com ):

Rep. Anthony Weiner [D.NY] and his Near Death Twitter Experience
".... Okay let me get this straight. His Twitter account was hacked. It may or may not be a picture of his genitals. He didn't send it. It looks like a prank. He won't call in the authorities ("it's not a federal case"), but he and his staff are conducting an investigation into it. it all makes sense to me! Take a look at this: If you believe Rep. Weiner, I have an excellent piece of real estate for you... " LOL !!

*** Warning: This video of Mr. Weiner lying thru his teeth on camera is painful to watch!! ***

And here come the tears ....

And here is the Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart who exposed the Congressman. When being asked why he did not release the other photo, Mr. Breitbart heartfully replied: ".... I am doing this to save his family okay .... (t=2:16)" but quickly warned: "... and if this guy wants to start fighting me again, I have this photo ..."


best actor said...

we are all human and human makes mistakes. a momentary lapse of judgement is not uncommon. yet someone who is an elected representative cannot tell the difference from right or wrong and fail to step up to the plate. That, to me, reeks arrogance and stupidity. sigh.

Anonymous said...

He has only been married for 9 months. Gosh, obviously he is still not used to being married yet, hmmm...didn't he have a bachelor party? What part of "party is over!" didn't he understand?


the inner space said...

Mr. Dominique Strauss-Kahn IMF MD plus Mr. Anthony Weiner Queens House representative boooooth took place in New York!

【wikipedia】On May 27, 2011, Congressman Weiner sent a link via Twitter to a photo of his erect penis concealed by briefs to a 21-year-old woman in Bellingham, Washington who was following him on the social media website.

He initially said he had not posted the image, that his account had been "hacked." and that he did not know the woman who received the message.

On the morning of June 6, 2011, conservative publisher and commentator Andrew Breitbart published a cropped shirtless picture Weiner had sent to another woman, and indicated that there were more.

At 4:30 that afternoon, Weiner held a press conference at which he apologized, saying "I have not been honest with myself, my family, my constituents, my friends and supporters, and the media" and that, "to be clear, the pictures were of me, and I sent them."

He further stated that he had been involved in "a total of six inappropriate relationships over the past three years" using Twitter and other media. Answering questions, he said that he had his wife's continuing support, and that he did not intend to resign his congressional seat.

After Weiner's press conference, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced that there would be an investigation by the House Ethics Committee to determine "whether any official resources were used or any other violation of House rules occurred".

Haricot 微豆 said...

Best Actor:

>> .... we are all human and human makes mistakes

Yes, we all make mistakes, hopefully of the small and recoverable type (「撞細板」vs「撞大板」)

ps: He should have taken a crisis management course from Canadian communication guru Barry McLoughlin (I was his student once) !!!

Haricot 微豆 said...


>> ... didn't he have a bachelor party?

Good point re bachelor party is not over for Mr. Weiner. Maybe he was acting out "Hangover 2" in real life !!!

Haricot 微豆 said...


>> .... boooooth took place in New York!

And here I thought Las Vegas was "sin city" !!!

Thank you for the Wikipedia info. I am sure there will be political fallout.

Anonymous said...

唬唬唬唬!我也看了 Hangover 2 it was in bengcock even worst than the previous 給我這個一向遁規導舉的小男人 102分鐘的“0” 嘴!

Though I have heard some group of men do that often,in real life not much decent men dare to learn 。。。 電影只是夢工場。 I have seen 2 from New York 唬唬唬唬!


Haricot 微豆 said...


I went to the cinema a bit too late on Tuesday nite and "Hangover 2" was the only one available. So I took the chance. It is not the kind of movie that I would pay full-price to watch !!! I won't go see Hangover-1 any time soon.

Anonymous said...

Hangover 1 was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. How dare they made a sequel. Americans (especially male) love this sort of stupid tasteless humor. Gross me out.

He is a popular contender for Mayor of New York. Could it be a set up? I am just saying!


The Inner Space said...

Mr. Anthony Weiner 又有新相片曝光!

the inner space said...

At last Mr. Anthony Weiner tendered his resignation。

our Special Administration Regional zeng‘s govt top officials NEVER resign 問責下台!

Haricot 微豆 said...

>> .... He is a popular contender for Mayor of NY. Could it be a set-up?

He set himself up all right.

Public figure + Sex + Stupidity = Set-up for a bad fall

Haricot 微豆 said...

>> .... Mr. Anthony Weiner 又有新相片曝光!

With the new evidence, he had no choice but to admit to the cover-up.

Haricot 微豆 said...


Well, Weiner resigned because he had been caught and humiliated in public.

As to HK SAR govt officials, perhaps they have "thick skin" and are not easily humiliated.

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