Sunday, June 05, 2011

健身房的壯男健女 / Gym Jam Men & Washboard Women

This is the YMCA gym where I just finished toying with machines and weights to keep my bod in reasonable shape. In here, you will find a lot of gym jam men admiring their bodies in the mirror, flexing muscles this way and that way. There are also washboard women who eat clean (they probably survive on rabbit food) and show off their wash-board abs in the gym for all to see.

I am not much of a gym jam man, well, at least not openly :O !! Okay, I might conspicuously steal a few glances at my mid-section where the elusive six-packs are supposed to be. Desperation might seep into my sub-conscious for a few seconds, along with the desire to go vegan. But I know it won't take long before my mind shifts to what I should cook for supper tonight - a medium-rare steak grilled on the BBQ sounds good for the hot Canadian summer. And how abt some pre-buttered Yukon Gold potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil, along with some grilled veggies? To top it all, I will have some gelato for dessert pretty please !!!!

Oh Yummy !!!

I think vanity is definitely a woman's problem ..... at least btwn now and the next time I go to the gym and try to suck in my stomach !!!


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I took these photos in Ottawa, June 5, 2011 with my BB, then edited them at home.


Urban Dictionary
* Gym jam: A song that you listen to whilst working out, a song that gets you pumped up for/in the gym and one that you always listen to whilst 'pumping iron' !!!

* Washboard : Sexy, lean, six pack tummy.


JasmineSee said...

Dear Haricot

I object!!....><
Vanity, of course, is not an exclusive thing for women.
Look at the stud who fixes his hair while flexing in front of the mirror and the hunk in tight spandex pants and spaghetti-strings-extra low cut vest... ... ..... ...

Haricot 微豆 said...


Haha!! Your point is well taken :)

Next time I will pay more attention to the studs and hunks instead of just the washboard women :O

BTW, here are more ideas for gym jam guys and gals :P

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