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歐戰勝利紀念日 / VE Day May 8, 1945

"... 歐戰勝利紀念日,定於每年的5月8日,以紀念1945年5月7日,納粹德國在該天宣佈在第二次世界大戰中無條件投降。每年在這天,歐洲各地,尤其是在二次大戰中勝利和曾經受納粹德國佔領和襲擊的國家,都會以不同方式紀念第二次世界大戰歐洲戰爭的結束,或作為向世界訓示戰爭的禍害。..."

Photo #1: World War II tanks - Sheridan, Abbot, Patton

"... The German Instrument of Surrender was the legal instrument by which the High Command of the German Armed Forces surrendered simultaneously to the Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force and to the Soviet High Command at the end of World War II in Europe. Before the main body of the German military surrendered, there were partial surrenders of components of the German military. This is the main Instrument of Surrender, which was signed on 7 May, 1945, at Rheims, France. The signing took place in a red brick schoolhouse that served as the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF)...."

Photo #2: The German Instrument of Surrender


Only this text in English is authoritative

We the undersigned, acting by authority of the German High Command, hereby surrender unconditionally to the Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force and simultaneously to the Soviet High Command all forces on land, sea, and in the air who are at this date under German control.

The German High Command will at once issue orders to all German military, naval and air authorities and to all forces under German control to cease active operations at 2301 hours Central European time on 8 May and to remain in the positions occupied at that time. No ship, vessel, or aircraft is to be scuttled, or any damage done to their hull, machinery or equipment.

The German High Command will at once issue to the appropriate commanders, and ensure the carrying out of any further orders issued by the Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force and by the Soviet High Command.

This act of military surrender is without prejudice to, and will be superseded by any general instrument of surrender imposed by, or on behalf of the United Nations and applicable to GERMANY and the German armed forces as a whole.

In the event of the German High Command or any of the forces under their control failing to act in accordance with this Act of Surrender, the Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force and the Soviet High Command will take such punitive or other action as they deem appropriate.

Signed at Rheims at 0241 France on the 7th day of May, 1945.

On behalf of the German High Command.


On behalf of the Supreme Commander,
Allied Expeditionary Force.

On behalf of the Soviet
High Command.

Major General, French Army

Photo Credit:
#1 The Ontario Regiment RCAC Museum
#2 Wikipedia German Instrument of Surrender (7 May 1945)

1. English text: Wikipedia Victory in Europe Day
2. Chinese text: Wikipedia 第二次世界大戰歐戰勝利紀念日


the inner space said...

見到啲坦克車,想起電影中文名 坦克大決戰 英文名 Battle of the Bulge

真正的:Battle of the Bulge

Haricot 微豆 said...


Thanks for the Wikipedia reference: "... 坦克大決戰(Battle of the Bulge)是一部1965年上映戰爭片電影 ... [with Henry Fonda being one of the main actors]"

I did not realize the title "坦克大決戰" refers to "Battle of the Bulge". Learn something new !!

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