Thursday, May 27, 2010

渥太華華人合唱團(悠音)博客網站將公開!/ The Ottawa Chinese Choir (You-In Chorus) Blog Site is Going Public !!!

I have just made the blog site of the Ottawa Chinese Choir (You-In Chorus) accessible to the general public, effective 2010-05-27 22h00 Ottawa time.

Some You-In Chorus members have asked me whether they will be able to locate this blog by searching "Ottawa Chinese Choir" and/or "You-in Chorus". My guess is that most search engines such as Google will direct you to the original, for the following reasons:

* The original site has been around for a long time and it has established solid "historical" relationships with "spiders" and other search engine devices crawling the Internet.

* The site has also been linked, cited and referenced by several Internet directories and registries that categorize "dot com" organizations.

* The pilot blog has gone "public" for exactly two hours (at time of posting) and it has very little content and substance. I suspect there is very little chance that any search engines will be able to find it among the billion and billion of established and ranked websites around the world.

Please note that the pilot blog is still under development and all contents concerning the You-In Chorus should be considered as work-in-progress. As of time of posting, the decision to launch a full-scale migration of info from the original main site to is still pending.

You are more than welcome to provide me with comments or advice.


Photo: The picture was taken on March 21, 2002 when the then Governor General of Canada, the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson, attended the "Celebration of Diversity" concert at the Ottawa Christ Church Cathedral. (Source: You-In Chorus website)

* The original Ottawa Chinese Choir / You-In Chorus website is at
* The pilot blog site currently being populated and evaluated is at

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