Saturday, October 31, 2009

2009年萬聖節, 鬼皇節 / Halloween Night in Canada 2009

In my younger days while living in northern Manitoba, I did dress up for Halloween and spent the night "terrorizing" the town folks!!! I remember some people in the mining town of 9000 would put their cars inside the garages for the night in case the neighbourhood Halloween parties got out of hand. Alas, Halloween was more about drinking and carousing than celebrating in a small town.

Here in Ottawa, the more-matured-me went to office Halloween parties. I remember dressing up once as a kung-fu master with a 未開鋒Chinese sword on my belt. People were quite impressed altho I did not win the price for the best out-fit. Instead, my colleague who dressed up as Agent Scully won the first price. I wish Fox Mulder had carried a Chinese sword while investigating the X-file.

Nowadays, I usually celebrate Halloween by putting a lit carved pumpkin outside the front door to welcome all the neighbourhood kids and provide them with individually sealed/wrapped goodies. And, I still enjoy seeing those little angels and goblins yelling "trick-or-treat" and then looking expectantly with their wide-eyes behind the masks and make-up. For that is what childhood should be like on Halloween night in Canada.

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Photo credit: Wikipedia / Halloween


新鮮人 said...


the inner space said...

I dislike kids no matter little angels and goblins.

最怕在 Lift 內遇到 Kids 避無可避!

Kempton said...

Hope you had lots of kids. We only had 3 kids coming together so we have the problem of having a box of candies now. A nice problem to have, I suppose.

Saw the Prime Minister giving out candies. Have you ever visited the PM house with kids?

微豆 Haricot said...

新鮮人: 您在萬聖節也可以扮鬼扮馬出亍,不会被拘捕罷??!!

微豆 Haricot said...

Space 兄:

>> ... I dislike kids no matter little angels and goblins.

What you said reminds me of the professor in Jurassic Park.

Oh well, just don't let the idea of disliking kids bother you or get to you.

微豆 Haricot said...

Kempton: In our neighbourhood, there were quite a few kids out with their parents.

I had "dropped by" at the Prime Minister's residence on Sussex Drive before, but not with any kids.

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