Sunday, October 18, 2009

李小薇訪問何喜華@ 薇微語/ Interview with a Hong Kong anti-poverty activist by RTHK 2009-10-13

Further to my previous blog article, here are two YouTube video clips I watched a few minutes ago. I do not know neither of the two ppl, but am impressed with their dedications. It seems there is no easy solution to solve the poverty problem in a society that has always been driven by money and materialistic goods.

李小薇訪問何喜華 @ 薇微語 RTHK 2009-10-13 (Part 1/2)

李小薇訪問何喜華 @ 薇微語 RTHK 2009-10-13 (Part 2/2)

(Disclaimer: The posting of the above materials does not constitute my endorsement of the information, statements, or positions contained in the videos)


新鮮人 said...


微豆 Haricot said...

新鮮人: 何喜華說的真令人心酸,連做專業訪問的李小薇也感動起來。我不知道何生的米飯班主是誰,但曾生的成績表我希望是有包括改善社会福利一項。

Kempton said...

thanks for sharing this interesting interview. Here is another one that I found interesting,

李小薇訪問倪匡 @ 薇微語 RTHK 2009-09-29

微豆 Haricot said...

Kempton: Thx !!!

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